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Places You Must See While You Teach In Shanghai

If you’re thinking about teaching English in China, then Shanghai is a great place to be. It doesn’t matter if you’re there to work or visit, there’s plenty to see and do. If you join EF English First, there’s a chance that you will teach here for a few weeks before you jet off to your new city. Now, the first two weeks are probably going to be busy and hectic while you teach and start your training. However, you will have some time to see some of best sites in the city. In this post, Victoria gives you a quick scoop on two of her favourite temples to go to while you’re teaching or travelling in Shanghai.


When you think of China thoughts that usually come to mind is the unique cuisine and culture, but something you cannot bypass is the sacred temples.  Shanghai has everything there is to offer. It is is an eccentric city that has the perfect combination of traditional and modern style providing you with the best of both worlds.  Amongst the bright lights, and rising skyscrapers you can find a pleasant surprise of traditional style housing and ancient temples.  A train ride and a short walk later you will find yourself stepping back in time to an oasis of prehistoric, preserved, back to the roots Chinese history.  The Jade Buddha Temple and Jing’an Temple are two of the most popular temples in Shanghai that are both worth visiting.


Jade Buddha Temple:

The Jade Buddha Temple is located 10 minutes away from line 13 Jiangning Road.  This area is not in the centre of the city by any means; but, it is in a more residential and local area of town. For a small entrance fee of 20 RMB which is the equivalence to 2 USD, you can explore this temple for as long as you wish. The compound is much larger than it appears on the outside. It is made up of giant golden statues of Buddha and other gods scattered around smaller temples in the compound. Like a lot of temples in China, there is Buddhist residential area and a large area for burning incense.  Make sure you stop by and take a look when you have time.



Teach in ShanghaiVisit Jade Buddha teaching in Shanghai



Jing’an Temple:

Jing’an Temple is the most famous temple in Shanghai.  It is in the heart of the city surrounded by high-rises.  It is located on line 7 and line 2 at Jing’an Temple metro stop. The entrance fee for this temple is 50 RMB which is the equivalence of about 7 USD.  This temple does not have as many large golden statues as the Jade Buddha Temple, but it is a massive compound with grand staircases and large temples which make it an iconic scene to admire. Jing ’an Temple is also very near to EF English First’s head office. You can easily drop by during your first few weeks of onboarding, or when you are passing by for the day.



Teaching in ShanghaiTeaching in Shanghai



Whether you are teaching English in Shanghai, or you’re looking for jobs in China I would definitely recommend that you stop by at least once while you are over here. As well as the fantastic temples in the city, you can also pay a visit to the spectacular Bund, and watch the mesmerising glow of the city lights. Or even head on down to Tianzifang, to tour the traditional residential areas and local art scene. Once you’ve tried Shanghai, there are hundreds of other cities that you can teach in or travel to, China is your oyster!

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Post by Victoria Waller, EF English First Shanghai

victoriaHi! I’m Victoria, a teacher at the EF Kids & Teens centre in Shanghai.  I have always been an avid traveller and adventure seeker, but before becoming a teacher I was a Relationship Marketing Manager in Maryland, USA.  My hobbies include travelling, blogging, exercising, and listening to music.  For more pictures of my latest adventures follow me on Instagram or SnapChat at: Stacie_Victoria

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