How to become an online English teacher

Have you ever thought of becoming an online English teacher? Imagine meeting new people, helping them to grow and ultimately changing their lives – all that from the comfort of your own home. Besides that, teaching online is an opportunity to earn a steady income, without having to drastically change your daily schedule.

If it all sounds interesting to you, but you’re still not quite sure whether you are the right fit – read on. Let’s look at the requirements an online teacher has to fulfill.

Who can become an online English teacher

These are the requirements you need to fulfill to become an online English teacher:

  • US or UK passport. At the moment, we only hire native speakers from these two countries to work as online teachers.
  • Completed Bachelor’s degree in any field. Please note, it does not have to be a degree in either teaching or English – any degree will be sufficient.
  • You should be authorized to work in the US or the UK. Payment is made from a US-based company and you should be legally able to accept it.
  • You have to have stable internet with an Ethernet cable connection and a set of equipment. Please see below more details about technical requirements
  • TEFL certification. You will be teaching English to foreign students, and EF wants to make sure we employ highly qualified teachers to be leading lessons for young and adult learners.
  • If you have a citizenship of any other English-speaking country, unfortunately we can’t offer online teaching position right now. There may be other teaching opportunities, such as teaching abroad with us.

TEFL requirements

TEFL stands for “Teaching English as a Foreign Language” and it is a standard certification for English teachers. As you may not have this certification right now, you will have to take a TEFL course to obtain one. There are many certifications available starting from an intensive weekend online course to face-to-face 30-day certifications.
The course will teach you all the basic things an English teacher should know. You will get the foundation needed to become a successful teacher – starting from how to engage learners and how to help them gain knowledge all the way to special techniques of teaching in online settings.
With hundreds of teachers joining us every year, we have accumulated a lot of experience helping our candidates acquire TEFL certifications. We will guide you through the process and help should you encounter any difficulties.

Preparation for your online class

How does preparation for a class work?

  • You provide information about your available time slots. Students book their classes in advance.
  • Get familiar with lesson’s materials. We provide all the necessary materials for you to deliver successful class. However, no parts of the lessons should be a surprise to you. We recommend setting aside some time in the beginning of your teaching session to familiarize yourself with upcoming lessons.
  • Deliver a great lesson. Of course, everything has its ups and downs, but with passion and practice, you will be delivering great teaching experience to the students every time.

Technical requirements

Setting up for an online class may seem like a daunting task, but not to worry. We have built a teaching platform that will do all heavy-lifting for you. These are the things you still need to make sure to have on your side:

  • Desktop computer or a laptop with a webcam. Our teaching app can work with either PC or Mac based machines.
  • High-speed internet connection. In an online environment, having a good connection is everything, so we require our teachers to use cable internet connection. Wifi, dial-up or mobile internet connections do not provide quality sufficient enough for an online class.
  • We require our teachers to use headsets, as a built-in microphones and speakers do not provide enough quality for smooth communication with students.
  • Most of the laptops nowadays come with the built-in webcam. If you use desktop computer or your laptop doesn’t have one, you will have to purchase and install one.

Do you want to be an online English teacher in China?

Teaching online is not the only opportunity we have to offer. You can combine working as an online teacher with benefits of living in one of the world’s most exciting countries – China. You will become a part of a team of enthusiastic teachers, teaching online classes to our students from the very heart of Shanghai. You will be able to combine joy of opening the world to your students with excitement of exploring one of the most vibrant countries in Asia.

The world is waiting for you