EF English First Photographers

Meet Our Photographers

The EF English First website, blog, and social media accounts are proudly supported by a dedicated group of photographers from EF schools across China. Our photographers have a passion for travel, life and photography. They are on a mission to capture the unique moments of life teaching, travelling and living in China.


Dan Rewcastle


  • Hometown: Norwich, UK
  • Time Sent In China: 4 Months
  • Fun Fact: I once watched Meatloaf throw furniture at an event promoter because he hadn’t gotten him a video wall.
  • Favourite Travel Moment: Riding lost in the dark on a scooter with no lights on roads full of potholes in Vietnam.


Why I Like Photography

Mainly because I have a lousy memory; at least that’s how it started. Photographs are little windows to the past and cameras are tools we can use to, not only capture such moments that we can look back on fondly in the future, but also use to create art, preserve historic moments and generate images to be used for a multitude of purposes like education and conservation. Simply having a camera and the desire to capture images is also a great impetus to travel, learn and explore, and questing for that one good shot can become an obsession if you allow the time for it.




Dawn Hilts


  • Hometown: In California
  • Time Sent In China: 1 year
  • Fun Fact: I have always wanted to learn pig latin.
  • Favourite Travel Moment: When I went to Tanzania for a service and leadership program. It was the first time I used my passport.



Why I Like Photography

I have always wanted to be a photographer since I was young. I love making a memory last forever.




Thomas Lake

Thomas Lake

  • Hometown: Barnstable – UK (Currently living in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province)
  • Time Sent In China: 1 year
  • Fun Fact: I have been to over 60 countries, I am aiming for 100 before I am 35 (8 years to go!)
  • Favourite Travel Moment: Hiking volcanoes in the Azores or Christmas in Las Vegas!


Why I Like Photography

I like to have memories and capture moments – I have a hard drive with over 17,000 photos from around the world, which is my life!


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