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The EF English First Blog is proudly supported by dedicated bloggers and teachers from various centres across China. Our bloggers are on a mission to inform, educate, entertain and inspire those who are looking for a new adventure teaching English in China. Through stories and experiences, our team will answer burning questions, dispell myths and give you an insight into what life is really like in China. Learn more about the team behind the best blog in ESL.


Craig – Hangzhou

Craig is a keen writer and travel enthusiast, who moved to China in 2018. He currently lives in Hangzhou, where he spends his days off hiking the mountains, or lounging in the coffee shops. He once wrote a book about the first dog in space, but he doesn’t like talking about it.


Susan – Taizhou

  • Hometown: San Francisco, California, USA
  • How long spent in China: I’ve been in China since 2016
  • Current Profession: Teaching ESL as an international teacher with an EF Franchise in Taizhou, Zhejiang.
  • Who I’d invite to my dream dinner party: I love dinner parties! Right now my dream dinner party would be with my two daughters, Maddie and Ellie, and close friends (Guita, Rose, Sadie, Cherry). The ideal evening is one where we cook together, drink copious amounts of good wine, and talk into the wee hours – anywhere in the world!
  • What keeps me here: It’s several things. First I have fallen in love with this tiny town called Taizhou in Zhejiang and her people; Taizhou now feels like my second home. Next, I have found a new career in teaching English as a second language which satisfies my altruistic nature! Finally, I love learning and being with people. Working with EF gives me opportunities to learn something new and to meet new people nearly every day.
  • Why I like writing/blogging: I am a storyteller at heart and know that a single well-placed word, can make all the difference. Writing is in my blood; I just can’t help myself!
  • Cool facts: Several years ago I considered a second career as an immigration and family law lawyer and took the L-Sat on a whim (and I scored pretty well)! I found, however, that my passion was in living in different countries with different people to learn more about them and myself. Now here I am teaching English as a second language in China! Wow! Besides being a writer and working on the great American novel, I am also a coloratura soprano, (first attended university on a music scholarship when my dream was to be a jazz singer) and I’m also a photographer and watercolorist.

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Arianna Bennett – Taizhou

  • Hometown: Hello! My name is Arianna Bennett, and I’m originally from Tampa, Florida, USA.
  • How long I’ve spent in China: I’ve been teaching at EF Kids and Teens in Taizhou, Zhejiang, China for just over a year now.
  • Current Profession: International Teacher for EF in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province
  • Who I’d invite to my dream dinner party: At my ideal dinner party, I would invite Ernest Hemingway (for intellect), Leonardo DiCaprio (for entertainment), and Julia Child (it is a dinner party, after all).
  • What keeps me here: I love that every day is a new chance to experience Chinese culture and to look forward to exploring other Asian cultures.
  • Why I like writing/blogging: I’ve always found writing to be the easiest way to express myself, and I fell in love with blogging when I realized that I could inspire others to reach their travel goals the same way I had.
  • Some cool facts about me: I’ve traveled to 15 countries so far, most of them as a solo traveler, I’m currently studying Mandarin, and my end goal in life is to have a bunny farm! By the way, here is a link to my personal blog as well if you’re interested in including it anywhere:

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Javier Chaney – Shanghai

  • Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
  • How long I’ve spent in China: Since January 2019
  • Current Profession: An international teacher for the company EF (Zhongshan park, Shanghai)
  • Who I’d invite to my dream dinner party: To be honest, I am not very familiar with dinner parties. But if I had an opportunity to have a conversation with anyone, the top three would be Harry Bellefonte, Abraham Lincoln and Nat King Cole.
  • What keeps me here: I love experiencing new cultures and perspectives. Stepping out of one’s comfort zone challenges the individual to adapt, understand and learn. As a result, one finds growth in their ability to communicate, and in their ability to empathize with foreign ideologies.
  • Why I like writing/blogging: Communication is key to finding solutions and understanding one another. If we are afraid to share our opinions and remain closed minded, will never see positive change. It is imperative that we speak freely, empathize with one another and service each other with food for thought. This is why I write.
  • Some cool facts about me: Javier enjoys studying theology, culture and history. He is a self-proclaimed illustrator, writer and musician. He feels the world and its culture’s share far more similarities than differences. If one is given the opportunity to journey out beyond one’s comfort zone, it is their duty to share their learnings with others. Through empathy, patience and pure expression we cannot only progress in the right direction, we can solve global issues as well.

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Madgerie Nel

  • Hometown: Pretoria, South Africa
  • How long I’ve spent in China: 5 years (going on 6)
  • Current Profession: Teacher
  • Who I’d invite to my dream dinner party: Tom Hiddleston or JRR Tolkien
  • What keeps me here: Stable job, travel opportunities, my cat
  • Why I like writing/blogging: It’s a form of self-expression, it helps me reflect on my experiences.
  • Some cool facts about me: I must have done about 5 to 10 play-throughs of Skyrim (the computer game)

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Kendra Miller

  • Hometown: Nora Springs, Iowa
  • How long I’ve spent in China: Since August 2018
  • Current Profession: Teacher at EF Kids & Teens
  • Who I’d invite to my dream dinner party: my late grandfather
  • What keeps me here: the incessant desire to see and learn everything there is to know about the beautiful world we live in.
  • Why I like writing/blogging: I love reflecting on my experiences and sharing them with those around me!
  • Some cool facts about me: I’ve been to more countries than years I’ve been alive and have a goal to always keep it that way!

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Paul Chan –  Associate Production Manager – Shenzhen

  • Hometown: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • How long I’ve spent in China: Over 9 years
  • Who I’d invite to my dream dinner party: Rupert Everett, Bruce Lee, Frank Sinatra, Miriam Hopkins, Kay Francis, Herbert Marshall, and Larry Bird
  • What keeps me here: The challenge of running a school, the opportunity to explore Asia, and having the ability to improve the lives of people around me
  • Why I like writing/blogging: It’s my passion, but I’ve always wanted outlets like this to exercise.  And the additional benefit is providing value to prospective readers!

About Paul

Paul has become an optimist due to the trials and tribulations working at EF; nothing phases him much anymore. Everyday running a school of over 2000 students has its challenges, and he faces daily mishaps.  Fortunately, he has that internal governor that tells him everything will be alright and he operates accordingly, and the problems almost always meet their solution. Paul is also fortunate enough to have a wonderful, dynamic, and caring wife that supports his professional and charitable endeavours. He is a lucky man that is currently living life to the fullest and has a great group of schools he oversees in the east side of Shenzhen!

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Icha Irdhanie – Teacher – Indonesia

  • Hometown: Hi. I am originally from Gresik, Indonesia which is commonly known as a small town near Surabaya, Indonesia.
  • How long I’ve spent in Indonesia: I’ve been teaching adults at EF Kuningan City Center in Jakarta, Indonesia for almost 3 years now.
  • Weakness: I have a phobia of butterflies, I am always having random existential crises, and I always boogie anytime I hear 80’s disco music.
  • Who I’d invite to my dream dinner party: Sigmund Freud because I want to have an in-depth conversation on the psychoanalytic theory of the defense mechanism, and I’d want him to analyze me and what exactly went wrong in my childhood.
  • What keeps me here: The challenge of running a school, the opportunity to explore Asia, and having the ability to improve the lives of people around meIt was difficult at first to decide to move back to my beloved country of Indonesia after living the nomadic life for 4 years. I knew it was time for me to pass down my knowledge and experience, and to inspire people here; no matter where you are from, your dreams are valid.
  • Why I like writing/blogging: By the time I turned 23 I had already decided that I would be a writer one day. Blogging is just one of the steps I’m taking to channel my thoughts and practice at the same time. Some things are better left unsaid, if so, blog about it.
  • Some cool facts about me: I lived in Incheon, South Korea back in 2013 and that’s how I am fully certified in teaching people the correct steps of the Korean skin care regime. I taught in India for a year back in 2014 but still don’t know how to make Chicken Biryani. I spent one year in Istanbul, Turkey and yes, I am able to sing one Turkish song and I’m currently obsessed with Baklava. I studied for a year in Jaen, Andalucia, Spain and I’m able to speak Spanish moderately well… and yes, I do know the meaning of the Despacito song.


Aly Brunson – Harbin

  • Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
  • How long spent in China: a year and a half
  • Who I’d invite to my dream dinner party: Brandon Sanderson, Samantha Bee, Mrs. Hall (my former teacher), Steve Kaufmann, and Lindsay Williams
  • What keeps me here: Language learning and constant new experiences
  • Why I like writing/blogging: Writing brings me clarity and insight. I rarely know how I feel or think until I’ve put pen to page, and I love those eureka moments I get when I write.

About Aly
Aly is a lover of words. She spends her time nose deep in books, collecting new Chinese vocabulary, and writing. She also enjoys exploring China with her camera, doing yoga in her pajamas, and consuming far more coffee and tea than is good for her.

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Keith – Shanghai

  • Hometown: Panama City Beach, Florida, USA
  • How long spent in China: 9 months
  • Who I’d invite to my dream dinner party: Dan Marino, Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, John Goodman, Tim Burton, Guy Ritchie, Roseanne Barr, Carrie Fisher, Epicurus, and my family.
  • What keeps me here: It’s a toss-up between food and discovering the unknown.
  • Why I like writing/blogging: I enjoy sharing my experiences and developing my craft. Writing allows me to express my thoughts and hopefully help others who are going through the same experiences. Writing makes me more confident in all aspects of my life and I really enjoy the positive feedback that I receive about my writing.

About Keith
Keith loves food, family, football and a good adventure. He enjoys spending the majority of his time exploring the city of Shanghai with his wife and daughter. His hobbies include eating, gaming, reading, and exploring the Chinese culture through first hand experiences. His love for China grows each day and he appreciates the personal growth that living abroad has provided.

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Eunice KU – Shanghai


  • Hometown: Hong Kong
  • How long I’ve spent in China: Seven Years
  • Current Profession: Fashion Design Student
  • Who I’d invite to my dream dinner party: Buddha, Jesus, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Yohji Yamamoto, Gigi Hadid, Osho, Edgar Cayce
  • Cool facts: Eunice can speak English, Cantonese, Chinese, Shanghainese, Japanese
  • Why I like writing/blogging: I enjoy sharing my experiences with others


About Eunice

Eunice grew up in Hong Kong and studied abroad in the US. She moved to her parents’ hometown, Shanghai, after graduating from law school in San Francisco. After working at as a legal editor in Shanghai for several years, Eunice decided to follow her passion and study fashion design. Eunice is currently a part-time fashion design student. She enjoys practising yoga, violin, drawing and trying out all kinds of handicrafts in her free time.  She is also interested in spirituality and healing. She hopes to create an eco and ethical clothing brand as well as start a delicious vegan restaurant in the future.

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Jaye Plant – Shanghai

  • Hometown: Rugby, England
  • How long I’ve spent in China: Two years
  • Who I’d invite to my dream dinner party: David Bowie, J.K. Rowling, Tina Fey, Stephen Fry, Peter Dinklage, Cleopatra
  • What keeps me here: Ease of travel, new experiences, language learning and friends
  • Why I like writing/blogging: I like channelling my creativity through words, attempting to inform others and connecting with readers online.
  • Blog name:

About Jaye

Jaye enjoys the simpler things in life: good books, cups of tea, country walks, the rain… all of which can be found in her homeland of England. Two years ago, she decided to leave all of this and relocate to the other side of the world to teach English. Jaye now enjoys the not so simple things in life; daily conversations in Mandarin, navigating busy roads and inquisitive taxi drivers. Every day is an adventure; every experience is new.

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Adam DiFrisco – Beijing

  • Hometown: Chicago
  • How long I’ve spent in China: Almost two years
  • Who I’d invite to my dream dinner party: Walt Disney, Anton Chekhov and Kim Henson
  • What keeps me here: The people, the language, the nonstop opportunities
  • Why I like writing/blogging: It’s a spot where I can both reflect on my travels as well as give readers a head start on things they may do in their


About Adam

Adam is an avid traveller with an obsession for language learning and teaching. Among all the things in the world, nothing pleases Adam more than being surrounded by his big Italian family, endless wine bottles, and homemade pizza to secretly feed his two fat yellow labs.

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Patrick Hyland – Shanghai

  • Hometown: Laois, Ireland
  • How long I’ve spent in China: A few months
  • Who I’d invite to my dream dinner party: Paolo Coelho, Joe Rogan, Anthony Kiedis, Jennifer Lawrence, Sarah Kay
  • What keeps me here: The opportunities for growth
  • Why I like writing/blogging: It provides me with an outlet for my inner world.
  • Blog name: The Irish Introvert


About Patrick

Patrick left Ireland upon graduating from university, on a plane bound for the Middle East. His interest in travel was aroused, and soon after he would set sail for South Korea, where he spent 3 great years. China was the next port of call, and he currently lays his hat in Shanghai. Patrick’s passion for writing is fueled by a desire to explore the self. He takes pleasure in the simple things; hot beverages, good books, belly laughs. 

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Adam Benson – Guangzhou

  • Hometown: Brisbane, Australia
  • How long I’ve spent in China: 8 Years
  • Who I’d invite to my dream dinner party: My parents, my two boys, Richard Branson, Rowan Atkinson, Nelson Mandela and Gordan Ramsey
  • What keeps me here: There’s always a lot to learn in my job and many opportunities to advance my career
  • Why I like writing/blogging: I like writing because it’s an escape. I can share my experiences and state opinions more eloquently in writing

About Adam

Adam has spent the last 8 years living and working in China. Of those 8 years, Adam has spent 7 working for EF because he has been offer opportunities to learn and progress professionally. When Adam isn’t teaching or spending time with his two boys, he likes reading and blogging about his experiences in China.

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Victoria Waller – Shanghai

  • Hometown: Washington D.C.
  • How long I’ve spent in China: Less than 6 Months
  • Who I’d invite to my dream dinner party: My parents, Jesus, Isaiah Ross, President Obama and Drake
  • What keeps me here: The chance to see the world
  • Why I like writing/blogging: I love sharing my experiences with others in the hope that I might inspire someone to step out of their comfort zone and experience something new
  • Blog name: Venture with V


About Victoria

Hi! I’m Victoria, a teacher at the EF Kids & Teens centre in Shanghai.  I have always been an avid traveller and adventure seeker, but before becoming a teacher I was a Relationship Marketing Manager in Maryland, USA.  My hobbies include travelling, blogging, exercising, and listening to music.  For more pictures of my latest adventures follow me on Instagram or SnapChat at: Stacie_Victoria

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Perpetua Mbali – Shanghai

  • Hometown: Secunda in the province of Mpumalanga in South Africa
  • How long I’ve spent in China: Over 9 Months
  • Who I’d invite to my dream dinner party: My Mom and Dad, my sisters, Lorraine Hansberry, Trevor Noah, Nina Simone & Jeremy Scott
  • What keeps me here: There is still so much to discover and explore
  • Why I like writing/blogging: I talk too much and there aren’t enough ears or hours in a day to say everything that goes on in my head. When writing, no such restraints exist, writing is an unrestricted alternative form of speaking.
  • Blog name: Perpetua Mbali @africanredhead

About Perpetua

Trendy geek who sneezes alphabets and cries sentences for a living. Find me on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter: @africanredhead

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Christine Humphrey – Qinhuangdao

  • Hometown: Trenton, Michigan, United States
  • How long spent in China: 4 years
  • Who I’d invite to my dream dinner party: Stan Lee, Carrie Fisher, C.S. Lewis, Neil Gaiman. Shirley Temple, and Lin-Manuel Miranda
  • What keeps me here: the excitement of daily living, the fulfillment in teaching
  • Why I like writing/blogging: I love writing, but completely lack self-discipline. Blogging helps provide structure and a “reason” to write.

About Christine
Christine loves a good story, although it took her some to realize that was the unifying factor of many of her hobbies: video games, movies, addictive television shows, and above all: reading. Teaching has introduced a whole new way to share and discover new stories. She enjoys telling her own stories by writing, but it’s purely a hobby. Outside of the world of stories, she also enjoys sewing and spending time with her cat.

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Yolande Deane – Harbin

  • Hometown: London
  • How long spent in China: 6 years
  • Who I’d invite to my dream dinner party: Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, Jesus, Mandela, William Carlos William, Kandinsky, Robert De Niro, Bruce Lee, BB King, Aretha Franklin.
  • Why I like writing/blogging: Allows me to really see what is actually going on in my head, but in a more structured way.

About Yolande
Yolande enjoys listening to tons of books on Audible and switching from book to book on her kindle, she plays the guitar when she remembers to practise, she loves learning to speak Chinese and she also speaks Italian. Yolande loves living in Harbin and loves the amazing food she finds there, and she still intends to explore more of China and Asia central Asia.

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Mahalia – Shanghai

  • Hometown: Mthatha, Eastern Cape, South Africa
  • How long spent in China: 18 months and counting
  • Who I’d invite to my dream dinner party: Jesus Christ, my whole family, my closest friends,Mother Teresa, India Arie, Darlene Zschech and Tyler Perry(Madea).
  • What keeps me here: Endless possibilities to travel around the world
  • Why I like writing/blogging: I’m all about sharing my experiences with the hope of inspiring someone out there who has a dream to live abroad but might be too scared to take the plunge.

About Mahalia
Hey! I’m Mahalia, a teacher at the EF Kids & Teens centre in Shanghai. I’m all about love, exploring plant-based dietary options and enjoying everyday life! My hobbies include reading, trying out amazing vegan recipes, spending time with friends, travelling, and listening to music. For more pictures of my latest adventures and vegan recipes follow me on Instagram : Mahalia_hakes.

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