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Kediri is a small city, located near the Brantas River in the province of East Java. When you start teaching English in Kediri, you will be blown away by its natural beauty.

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City of Tofu

Just outside of the city, you will find breathtaking mountains, rivers, caves and waterfalls all within a small commute. Kediri as a whole also all contributing enjoys a relatively cooler climate than the rest of Indonesia, thanks to the abundance of water in the area. The city is the perfect choice for those not accustomed to high temperatures associated elsewhere in the country.

When teaching in Kediri, you can enjoy a truly authentic Indonesian experience. The city is renowned for being quiet and peaceful with very few bars in the city. That’s not to say that the city closes its doors at night. You will be able to find restaurants throughout the city, with shopping malls and large supermarkets offering western consumer goods so you are never too far away from home.

Why teach English in Kediri?

Peaceful – Kedirians live life at a slower pace than most other Indonesian cities. Most residents are early to bed, early to rise. As a result, nightlife is relatively nonexistent here.

Mount Kelud – While still an active volcano, these days Mount Kelud is quite calm. It offers visitors stunning views from its summit, as well as a picturesque crater lake.

Traditional – Western consumer goods and modern conveniences are available throughout the city. Yet, much of Kediri’s architecture and culinary offerings remain traditional.

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