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Teaching English in Cikarang in Indonesia offers the intrepid adventurer the chance to experience one of Indonesia’s lesser known capitals. A small city in Indonesia as the capital of Bekasi Regency, West Java and the biggest industrial estate in Southeast Asia.

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Cikarang is located 2-hours drive from Jakarta that includes the government of Bekasi Regency. With many foreign companies are located there, Cikarang is supported by housing complexes scattered around the Cikarang industrial park that was built by a collection of top modern architects and contractors in Indonesia. Though it has high enough industrial activity, this city sace a lot of nature and historical tourist attractions that can easily visit in the weekend without any traffic jam.

Visit Saung Ranggon in Cikedokan Village, West Cikarang, a 400 years old historical site which was built entirely with ironwood while enjoying the traditional dance of West Java, Jaipong and Wayang Kulit show. Cikarang is also famous with Kampung Djamoe where we can learn about Indonesian herbal plants or herbal medicines made from natural materials, such as roots, bark, flowers, seeds, leaves and fruits. In addition, this place also has many lakes and organic rice fields with a cool atmosphere and a lot of green trees.

Why teach English in Cikarang?

• Cikarang’s main urban area is the well known residential complexes, such as Kota Deltamas, Jababeka and Lippo Cikarang making it a small city with a well-built infrastructure and complete facilities.

• Cikarang is the central Dry Port for all Indonesian industrial estates with more than 2,500 companies, both multinational and small-medium enterprises (SMEs), approximately 200 hectares (490 acres) are allocated for the Dry Port, which is accessible by highway and rail (soon a bullet train station). It has attracted industries including tourism, household, food and television.

•Home for the biggest waterpark in Indonesia, Cikarang Water Boom. The side of the pool are made of stone temples, with a touch of stone carving ornaments (the only one in Indonesia) and surrounded by artificial forest, making it a class of its own.

•The nearby city Jakarta is well worth a weekend trip. The capital city of Indonesia is a hustle bustle metropolis with a modern and urban environment that is must visit for shoppers and food lovers

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