teach English in Shaoxing

Teach English in Shaoxing

Shaoxing is a city that reflects China’s epic past and spectacular future. It’s a traditional water town at heart but it lies on the wealthy eastern coast and is reaping the rewards of growth and development.

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Teach English in Shaoxing
Teach English in Shaoxing
Teach English in Shaoxing
Teach English in Shaoxing

Where History Beckons

Qingdao is crammed full of coffee shops, restaurants and small bars along with lots of shopping areas, including a very cheap and lively night market. The city is divided into two parts, the old and new; the old has lots of interesting buildings of German architecture as well as some churches..

The teaching team here is very close and most weekends everyone meets up to spend the day at the beach, climb the local mountains or have a picnic in Zhongshan Park, which also has a sizable zoo. Of course, Qingdao is also home to its famous brewery and Beer Street, giving the city a relaxed and entertaining vibe not found anywhere else in China.

Why teach English in Shaoxing?

It is a modern city in a wealthy area but the day-to-day costs of living while teaching English in Shaoxing remain much lower than its more famous siblings – Hangzhou and Shanghai

The city is covered in canals, rivers and other waterways – there are boat rides available and many parks, restaurants and cafes by the water. Great during the hot summers.

Shaoxing is seriously old – Yu the Great, legendary ruler of China has his tomb on the outskirts of the city. It’s one of many fantastic links to China’s past

Shaoxing is famous for its “yellow wine” and locals won’t hesitate to offer you a glass as a means of welcoming new teachers to the city

It is also famous for its “stinky tofu” – the name is not misleading – considered a delicacy amongst those who dare to try it.

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