teach English in Chongqing

Explore Chancheng

Chancheng is the political, financial, cultural, transportation, and information center of Foshan and is only just getting started. This fun city strewn with temples, shops, and craft musuems will keep you coming back for more.

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Teach English in Chongqing
Teach English in Chongqing
Teach English in Chongqing
Teach English in Chongqing

The Heart of Foshan

Chancheng is constantly changing but has always been the cultural center of Foshan. Landmarks like the Tongji Bridge, Ancestral Temple Musuem and the Nanfeng Kiln might be worth a visit. You'll also find Beijing Road Pedestrian Street and Chimelong Paradise in the area.

With the cities proximity to mega cities like Guangzhou, you'll find a train ride only takes 25 minutes! You can also take advantage of metro transport at some major stations such as Chao'an Station, Pujun Beilu Station and Guicheng Station.

Why teach English in Chancheng?

Chancheng has a world-class ceramics international convention and exhibition center, a national-level ceramic R&D center, a headquarter base of China’s ceramic industry, and a central business district of China’s ceramics. You can even visit Shiwan Town, China’s Ceramic Alley to buy some unique trinkets for yourself.

In Chancheng, you can feel the charm of the culture in the Ancestral Temple Museum, experience the fun of pottery making in the Ancient Nanfeng Kiln, enjoy the beauty of Lingnan gardens in Liang Yuan, hang out in the old-style streets of Lingnan Tiandi, or enjoy the breath in the city’s “forest” in the Luonan Ecological Park

Chancheng is also known for its importance on ecological balance with nature. The city stresses this with an importance on green areas like Wang Jiegang Forest Park, Zhouweiwei, Banyue Island Wetland Park, and Dongping River Shiwan Wetland Park that account for over 2,800,000 square meters of green space.

Chancheng isn't only known for their world class ceramics. The city is also known as the hometown for Chinese lion dances, Kung Fu, and Chinese folk art such as Cantonese Opera. If you want to see more it wouldn't hurt to see for yourself.

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