International teaching jobs

International teaching jobs have long been highly sought after by those who want to enjoy new adventures overseas. EF provides you with a rewarding opportunity to earn money by teaching English abroad, while giving you the chance to explore the culture, beauty, and excitement of other countries. Join EF, the world’s largest privately owned education company, for your adventure of a lifetime.

Teaching internationally with EF

As the world becomes more connected, the demand for English as a second language has also grown. EF English First is leading the way in providing English language programs for students to meet this demand we are continually increasing our teacher numbers. By teaching with EF, we’ll provide you the opportunity to teach, travel, and train all at the same time. We’ll sponsor your TEFL course, train you to teach with our award-winning courses, and you’ll have the chance to travel around your city, surrounding cities, and surrounding countries with your free time and annual leave. Teaching internationally with EF is an opportunity not to be missed.

2000+ international teaching positions open each year

EF is a reputable company that has head offices in many major cities across China, Indonesia, and Russia. In China alone, EF has over 300 schools across 60 cities, and these numbers grow each month. In order to ensure excellence of our programs, EF has 2000+ international teaching positions open each year. We hire motivated and enthusiastic individuals with a sense of adventure to join our growing team. Do you have what it takes to be an EF teacher? Click the link below to view our international teaching opportunities.

Teaching English to Kids and teens

Teaching internationally is a rewarding experience. Teaching Kids and Teens is not only rewarding, but you will also have the chance to become an educator, a role model…and with the older students, even a friend. Teaching with EF is not a desk job. So if you love being active and have lots of energy, you’ll be perfect in the classroom when you teach our 3- to 18-year-old students.
Although teaching can be fun and games, you will be using our award-winning teaching materials to deliver educational classes. Each lesson will focus on core English in communicative use. You will introduce target language, and then use games and teaching methodologies to get students speaking and using English.

Teaching English to Adults

EF offers adult international teaching positions where you have the unique opportunity of educating students aged 18 and up. These students will be a mix of stay-at-home parents looking to improve with oral speaking, university students brushing up their skills before a year abroad, or working professionals that are looking to increase their job opportunities.
Teaching adults gives you the opportunity to learn from your students and really get to know the people in the country that you are living in. More advanced lessons allow students to use the target language to expand on their existing English and express thoughts and ideas. As you teach, you will also see your students make massive improvements. There’s no better feeling!

The world is waiting for you

Teach English, travel and work abroad with EF English First