Apps for watching TV In China

You’re moving to China to live and work there, or at least you’re thinking about it. So many questions are running through your head, “will I be able to adjust to the new language or the new culture”. “Will I miss my family?”. But the most important question of all… “How will I watch Game of Thrones?!”

There is good news for movie buffs and TV fanatics out there; China has an app for that (or maybe four of five). This brief guide will tell you which apps you must have, how to find them, and where to use them. Downloading your favourite show is easy, deciding on which one to watch first is the hard part!






Where can I find it?
This fantastic little app can be found online, on your mobile and the app store. To find it, type in the name as seen above and look for the blue logo. Click to download, and you can watch both movies and TV shows.
What can I watch?

On this app, you will find a good mixture of Chinese TV shows, American TV shows and even English TV shows. You can get a handful of movies, but most of them have been out for more than a year or two, so don’t expect the latest releases.


Can I Download TV Shows?

Yes, you can download shows to your device, but you will probably need to register an account. To do this, you will probably need your phone number.



Watching TV in China

Niu Niu Shi Ying(牛牛视影)

Where can I find it?

Like the last app, you can find the little blue cow (or dog), online or in the app store. Downloading this app is pretty painless, and the chances are you will need to be in China to find it in the app store, and you can only use it in China.

What Can I Watch?

This app seems to have more movies in its database than Ren Ren Shi Pin. However, it does have quite a few TV shows. You can find the Big Bang Theory, Modern Family and a whole host of other comedies, with a few dramas sprinkled in for good measure.


Can I Download TV Shows?

It is possible to download shows and movies to watch on the go, but the app can be temperamental. It is free, so we have to take the rough with the smooth.



Watching TV shows in China

YouKu (优酷)

Where can I find it?
This app is something of a national treasure in China. It is very similar to YouTube; you can watch user-posted videos, but also more popular TV shows and the occasional movie. You can find it on a website online, or in any popular app store. You can watch Youku on both your mobile device and your computer. It’s almost perfect.


What Can I Watch?
You can find quite a few TV shows and movies on this app, but don’t expect to find the latest international hits. Most classics like Friends are available, but you will also have to sit through a few advertisements. Skipping isn’t an option.


Can I Download TV Shows?

Yes, it is possible to download TV shows and movies. However, there is a chance that you would have to be a “VIP”. To become one of these, you will probably need an Ali Pay account.



Watching TV Shows in China

SoHu (搜狐)

Where can I find it?

This app is similar to YouKu. You can find it all good app stores, as well as a dedicated website on the interweb.


What Can I Watch?

SoHu, like YouKu, is one of the more established companies. This means you can watch TV shows and relatively new movies, but you may have to pay for the latest releases.


Can I Download TV Shows?

Yes, you can download TV shows, but quite a few may require a paid prescription.


There you have it. These are the main apps, both free and paid in China. You can get your fix, stay up to date and be entertained for hours. If you do have some favourite shows that you want to watch on a regular basis, you can always download them before you come to China, that way you won’t be disappointed.


How will you get your tv fix?

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