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At EF English First, ESL teachers are at the heart of everything that we do. For this very reason, we only offer ESL jobs to candidates who successfully meet our standard requirements.Our ESL teaching jobs may vary from one location to another, depending on the local teacher requirements for that region. Based on your ESL qualifications and your desired teaching location, our experienced recruitment team will discuss your available options and where you would fit best

ESL Teaching to Kids and Teens


Teaching English as a second language to kids and teens could be described in many ways. At EF, we like to think teaching kids isn’t all play and no work. There’s no doubt that you will have fun in class creating games and organising activities, but you will also reap great rewards both personally and in your career. Over the course of a year, you will really get to know your students, watch them grow and become confident English speakers. There’s no job quite like it.

Teaching English to Adults


Teaching English as a foreign language to adults isn’t too much different from teaching English to kids. In most classes, you will organise activities and games that help your students to learn English, but you will also have opportunities to cover more formal topics. Adult students may be trying to get a promotion and need English to find a new job. They may be about to travel or study abroad, or they are just learning so they can watch movies and TV shows.

Online ESL Teaching Jobs


The online ESL has been growing year on year. This represents an amazing opportunity for those looking to earn some money and travel in their free time. At EF, we believe one of the main benefits of being an ESL teacher is the travel. That’s why we set up on online English centre in Shanghai. You can teach English using our state of the art technology, teach regular salaries and earn a guaranteed wage. When you’re not teaching, you can get out there and explore China!


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EF English First has over 300 schools across 60 cities in China. You can find TEFL teaching jobs stretching from north to south, and east to west. With a teacher network of over 2000 teachers, you will be sure to make friends and settle in quickly in China.
While you are there, make sure you take advantage of your free teacher events and soak up the culture and history that makes China one of a kind.

ESL Jobs in Indonesia

TEFL Teaching Jobs in Indonesia

Indonesia is famous the world over for being an idyllic holiday destination, but there’s more to it than that. ESL teachers in Indonesia enjoy jobs that allow them to see the tourist hotspots but also get to know the people living in this diverse country.
EF has 77 schools across the country, so you can be sure to find the right city or even island for you. There’s no adventure quite like an Indonesian adventure.

ESL Teaching Jobs in Russia


Young Russians are increasingly seeing the value of being able to speak English as a second language. For TEFL teachers, this means that the market is gradually growing year by year opening more opportunities for teachers. As a TEFL teacher in Russia, you can find jobs in some of the larger more well-known cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg, and you can even find work in smaller surrounding areas.
TEFL teaching in Russia is definitely a change of pace from most Southeast Asian countries, but it is also something to consider.

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