Teaching English in Rizhao

Rizhao is a coastal city, one of the newer cities in China. After spending a few days here, you’ll be amazing by how enchanting and charming it is. 

Rizhao has become more popular over the last couple years after being listed in the top 10 ISO award winners for the cleanest air. The friendly and helpful citizens of the city, always have a smile and make you feel like a celebrity when shopping in the world class malls.

Many foreigners are drawn to the city located in the coastal side of China and teachers are pleasantly surprised to find Rizhao is a great place to live.

The city is known to Chinese people as the city that sees the sun first. The expat community in coastal Rizhao is warm and close-knit. 

From the lively street markets to the gorgeous bridge crossing over the city’s lagoon, leading to Wanpingkou Scenic beach, there is no shortage of beautiful sights. To get around the city, teachers can choose to use public transport like the bus routs or take a taxi, the rate at which starts at 6RMB – less than $1!

City Statistics

  • Population: 2.8 million
  • Public Transportation: 1 major train station, 1 international airport 2 hours away, hundreds of bus routes & taxis
  • Language: Mandarin, local dialects
  • Climate: Subtropical, with four distinct seasons
  • EF Rizhao Flagship opened in 2005

What Makes Rizhao Unique?

  • Fulai Mountain was the home to one of China’s ancient cultures, the Ju Culture, and boasts a host of beautiful temples set into a serene mountain landscape
  • Another attraction not to be missed is the famous Ginkgo tree which is said to be the oldest in the world at more than 3,500 years old
  • One of the most exciting things to see in Rizhao is the extent to which the city has gone green and become eco-friendly. Public parks and open green spaces abound and the city’s buildings are covered with over half a million solar panels and solar water heaters. Rizhao is a great example of eco-consciousness in China
  • Rizhao is known as one of the tea drinking cities. People will normally take 2 hour lunches, and have tea at 4pm. If you like to move at a slower pace it is a great city to relax, enjoy life and teach English
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