ESL Certifications with EF

ESL teaching certifications with EF

Regional Trainers Rebecca & Matt are going to talk to you today about the ESL teaching certifications that we offer at EF English First:

We offer a wide range of certificates. Usually teachers in their first year will start off doing distance learning courses online. We offer a wide range of academic courses, including things like how to teach grammar, how to teach lexis, how to teach phonology, and how to lesson plan. If you’re interested in things like coaching or management, we also have certificates for that. We have face-to-face courses as well which have external accreditations. These certificates will allow you to teach anywhere in the world.


The CERT TESOL, accredited by Trinity College London, has many aspects, like writing assignments, input sessions on different aspects of teaching, and an observed teaching practice segment in which experienced tutors will attend your lessons and give you feedback to help you develop as a teacher. As trainers we’ve gotten feedback from a lot of the teachers who have taken this course and it’s helped them massively improve their teaching and offered them opportunities for promotion within the company. Some Teachers who’ve taken it have also gone on to find jobs outside of the company based on holding this certification. It’s a really good qualification to have, but we also offer two higher level qualifications for those interested in furthering their skills.

The Trinity DIP TESOL is essentially a master’s level qualification. It’s a nine-month course and throughout the process you’ll learn a lot about the theory and the practice of English language teaching. You are assessed in this course through a written exam and also practically in terms of being assessed by your classes, specifically on how you teach and understand pronunciation, so it has a broader reach. It’s more in depth than the CERT TESOL as this is a higher-level qualification, aimed at experienced teachers. If you want to go into management or perhaps training, then this is an important qualification for you to gain and it can definitely open a lot of doors for you within the company.

Another qualification that we offer, which is externally accredited by Trinity College London, is related to management. This is called the Diploma in English Language Teaching Management or DELTM. The course lasts around nine months and has more of a focus managing academic teams. Like the DIP TESOL, this is a master’s level qualification and it is a very good choice for those people more interested in the management route instead of the academic route. Even if you decide not to stay in education, it will still give you some management skills that you can use in the future.

The great benefit of taking these courses with EF is that all the internal qualifications are sponsored and for the externally accredited qualifications your managers will support you in terms of time and may even be able to offer some financial support.

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