English Teaching Jobs

English Teaching Jobs have long been highly sought after by those who want to explore the world and enjoy new adventures overseas. Today, not much has changed. People from all backgrounds take a leap of faith and start a job teaching English as a foreign language. With over 50 years of experience in the education industry, there is no on more trusted in the business to help you take the next step than EF.

Jobs teaching ESL and English

Teaching at EF

As the world has become more connected, the demand for English as a second language has also grown. EF English First is leading the way in providing English language programs for teachers and students to meet this demand.  As an English teacher at EF, not only will you have a rewarding job, you’ll also have the opportunity to travel and train. You can train on one of EF’s sponsored professional courses, gaining internationally recognised qualifications. Or you can travel around your city and surrounding cities with your free time and annual leave. Teaching at EF is often the start of something amazing, you just need to start teaching to find out.



EF has evolved with a compelling range of programs and services offered at more than 500 schools in more than 107 countries. To ensure the excellence of our programs, we provide over 2000 English teaching jobs to recruit new qualified teachers each year. EF English First is a reputable company that is now the single largest provider of English teaching jobs across our locations of China, Indonesia and Russia.

Kids English Teaching Jobs

Kids and Teens Teaching Jobs

If you love having fun, creating games and you have lots of energy, then kids and teens teaching may be for you. Kids and teens English teaching jobs require you to wear many hats. You will be an educator, an entertainer, a role model and with the older students, even a friend.
Although teaching can be fun and games, you will be using our award-winning teaching materials to deliver educational classes. Each lesson will focus on core English in communicative use. You will introduce target language, and then use games and teaching methodologies to get students speaking and using English.

Adults English teaching Jobs

Adult English Teaching Jobs

Teaching English to adults is a unique teaching job.  As the world becomes more connected and more competitive, more and more people are learning English later in life. Students motivations may vary. Some are looking to learn English so they can travel, others are trying to boost their careers, and for young adults, learning English could be their ticket to studying abroad.
Like teaching kids, adults do enjoy games and activities. You may be surprised when you see a straight-laced business person getting into character for a role-play. As well as games, teaching adults gives you the opportunity to learn from your students and really get to know the people in the country that you are living in. More advanced lessons allow students to use the target language to expand on their existing English and express thoughts and ideas. As you teach, you will also see your students make massive improvements. There’s no better feeling!

Online English Teaching Jobs


The online education market is booming. Year on year, more and more people are taking advantage of faster internet connections and more devices. Most online English teaching jobs are home-based, but not ours! As an English teacher at EF, you will be able to take advantage of our cutting-edge online learning platforms, to teach English. You will receive full training on how to excel at online teaching, and you don’t have to be a computer whiz.
The best part about teaching English online at EF is that you will be based at our state of the art online language school in our office at People’s Square in Shanghai. You will be able to teach on your work days, and travel on your days off.

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