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English Language Schools at EF English First

Kids and Teens English Language Schools

Kids and Teens

The warm smiles and infectious energy that kids and teens in our English language schools bring to the classroom make working here a very special career experience. You’ll help students grow as English language learners and give them the skills they need to thrive in an international environment. In addition, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded teachers. You might find that your school isn’t just a workplace; life at EF English First is a place that feels like home where young learner education is a priority.

Teaching in Adults English Language Schools


Teaching at our Adults schools will give you the freedom to interact with students who want to take their second language skills to the next level. That means you have a unique opportunity to expand your classes into the real world. After class, invite students to dinner or host a movie night at the school. You’ll be amazed how eager these students are to learn from you.

Online English Language Schools


Online students give our EF English First teachers the chance to build custom-made lessons, work with the latest technologies and find they have plenty of time to still experience China. Our online center in Shanghai is bright, spacious and best of all, still a community environment. Gone are the days of sitting alone in a dark room teaching, EF’s online teachers are some of the most socially active!

Teachers at EF English language schools

Teacher Experience at our English Language Schools

Our studies have shown that people learn faster in a relaxed, pleasant environment. That is why we turned to William Lim, an award-winning architect whose portfolio includes five-star hotels and spa interiors, to design EF English First’s new learning centers. All our English language schools have good lighting, comfortable furniture and modern classrooms to make your work environment a pleasant one.

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