Coronavirus update

The health and safety of our teachers is a top priority at EF. Our 300+ schools remained closed as we respectfully adhere to guidance issued by local governing authorities. We look forward to the day our schools will be re-opened, city by city, in alignment with local government inspection and guidance.

Our classes, on the other hand, have not been impeded by the current circumstances. Thanks to EF’s technology and support systems, EF teachers in China have been teaching their classes online since February. EF is also committed to providing 2,000 hours of free online English courses during this period, in alignment with our focus to “Open the World through Education”.

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If you are an existing EF teacher, please check your email regularly for updates and instructions on how to access our staff coronavirus information portal that has specific information for different regions of China.

If you are a candidate in the visa process, please reach out to your recruiter to discuss your concerns.

If you are a parent of an existing EF teacher in China, please know that we are doing everything we can based on the latest updates provided by the Chinese government and sharing that information with our teachers as fast as possible.

If you are interested in working at EF, we continue to focus on an accelerated hiring plan, while ensuring that your safety is our priority. Our candidates will all be contacted and interviewed online, and our recruiters will partner with you to determine a suitable arrival date based on changing circumstances. To apply for a job, click here.

For any other concerns, please reach out to . We will do our very best to respond as quickly as possible.