City Spotlight: Jakarta

Much maligned by some but beloved by many, Jakarta is a city that elicits strong reactions from any and all who visit. It’s such a large city, yet most visitors attest — Jakarta locals are as warm and friendly as in any small town.


Kids in Jakarta


Seriously, Jakartans (Jakartites?) are super friendly.


So, what’s there to do?

Jakarta’s massive size and diverse population allow for a myriad of opportunities to alleviate boredom. Here are our top 10 picks for must-do/sees in Indonesia’s capital city:

Sunda kelapa

This old harbour is a must-see for those looking to get a taste of traditional Jakarta.

Sunda Kelepa


A walk in the park

Several Taman, or parks are spread throughout the city. Take time to stop and smell the roses.

Walk in a Jakarta Park


The most important meal of the day

Bubur Ayam is a tasty breakfast treat that can be had for IDR 10,000 (less than $1).

Jakarta Food


Test your spidey senses

If you’re a fan of fitness, you can try the world-class wall climbing facilities at Plaza Festival. There is also a nearby track for runners.

Rock climbing wall


Get out on the water

Head up to Ancol for a traditional boat ride or a walk along the waterfront. Snorkelling and scuba diving in the nearby Thousand Islands (Pulau Seribu) are a short ferry ride away.



Nasi padang

Unique to Indonesia, this tabletop menu will leave your mouth (and eyes) watering. If you’re not a fan of spice, tell the waiter tidak pedas!


Car free day

Every Sunday morning (from 0600 to 1100), Sudirman and Thamrin streets are blocked off to motor vehicles. Join hundreds of local residents as they run, ride and shop throughout central Jakarta.


Fly above it all

Paragliding in Puncak is a short drive South of Jakarta proper. The views are spectacular, but beware the traffic on weekends.

Paragliding in Jakarta


Spot a sunset

Jakarta’s skyline offers opportunities for some seriously spectacular sunset spotting. Keep your camera ready!

Jakarta sunset


Get cultured

There are plenty of museums, art galleries, concert halls and the like throughout the city. Museum Macan and the French Institute are current cultural hotspots.

Museum in Jakarta




Are you ready to give living in Jakarta a go?

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