Christine Chamberlain

We are living in an age and time where travelling is accessible and affordable to many. Plane tickets are often cheaper than train tickets. The efficiency and convenience at which we can travel, given the transportation options available, seems endless. This is primarily due to the advancement in technology and continuous improvement and investment in infrastructure during the last few decades. To which I now believe, will only become more efficient and innovative with time.

When it comes to travelling, there are many ways of getting from A to B. Whether that's taking the Eurostar across the channel or merely flying directly to Paris; the amount of time one takes and the journey itself are different, but ultimately the destination is the same. Having this opportunity to choose the way in which we would like to travel enables us to see and experience more of the world in a greater variety of ways.

Visiting other countries, travelling the road less travelled and exploring the unknown has never been easier than now. But why is it that we travel, what is the motivation behind it?

Reasons to travel

People travel for all sorts of reasons. For work, sports, food, to learn a new language, experience something new or even just to recharge energies from a year of hard work. These reasons are what shape our experience and lead us to places where we may have never considered visiting before.

Why I travel

From a very early age, I have had the opportunity to travel and live abroad, mainly because I have relatives living in various countries who I wanted to visit. As a result, I was in contact with other cultures and got to experience new perspectives, which has enabled me to maintain an open mind in regards to different ways of thinking. This has also helped me better understand the dynamics in the world and why it is that we think and act in a certain way.

What's considered the norm in the West may be different or even bizarre in the East and vice-versa. For instance, in the UK it is regarded polite to finish your meal when being treated by the host. However, in China, this may mean that you are putting into question the host's generosity or that your hunger is simply ever-lasting.

Embracing the “other”

We are living in an era in which cultural differences and diversity are being embraced. People from different parts of the globe are connecting with each other more and more. I feel rather confident that we will continue to further accept and discover these differences with great interest and enthusiasm.

Travel motivations

What motivates me to travel is precisely this, is having this ongoing curiosity to explore the unknown. To explore countries and cultures I have not yet visited. To learn from others, and to share my knowledge and experience with the people that I meet.

The outcomes and benefits of travelling are immense, and they all depend on one's attitude and outlook. Travelling can result in moving abroad, founding a business, making life-long friends, finding your passion and many other meanings. We all travel for a reason, what's yours?

I believe that it is essential to gain a certain understanding and awareness of the world around us. By sharing our compassion and empathy. By sharing things that inspire us. We can better relate to each other and co-exist.


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