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If you were born in the USA, congrats! You hit the lottery. I never realized how sought-after Americans were until I moved abroad. Many employers thrive on native English speakers, particularly ones with an American accent. I was shocked by how easy it was to land a job, fresh out of college, with so little experience. If you're a fun and friendly English speaker, you're hired! Depending on what field you're interested in, there may be more requirements than just being able to hold a conversation in your natural tongue. Check the list to see if any of these jobs abroad get your feet itching.

5. Au Pair

Similar to a nanny, an au pair is someone who looks after children full time, and typically lives with the family in their house or in a guesthouse. They might be paid a small stipend, along with lodging and food arrangements. You can be an au pair anywhere in the world, although many of the most popular destinations include Europe, Asia, and Canada. Due to Asia's love for the English language, many families looking to hire au pairs prefer the candidate to be a native English speaker; hoping that that the language will rub off on their children. If you're one of the selfless, tender hearted souls that can manage multiple small children without losing your grip on sanity, this job is perfect for you.

4. Bar Crawl Leader

If working with kids isn't your forte, consider doing a 180° and become a bar crawl leader. Europe is teeming with backpacker bars, so naturally there is a high demand for bar crawl leaders. The job is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Hotels and hostels often host “bar crawls” wherein they entice their guests out for an expert-guided bar hopping experience. You may work for an agency or one specific hotel/ hostel and receive a flat rate on top of nightly tips. Sounds great right? There is only one catch: you must be able to speak English. It's one of the most commonly spoken language in Europe, even often referred to as the world's “default” dialectal. Many Europeans speak at least a little English, if not fluent; it's not uncommon for bar crawl agencies to require their employees to speak English, particularly during the peak season. It's the ideal job for a partying people person; and you can't deny the free drinks are a big plus.

3. Yoga Teacher

Originating in India, yoga is now a modern, worldwide practice prevalent among all kinds of people; Eastern and Western, young and old. The solid popularity makes many destinations in southeast Asia hotspots for yoga retreats. Imagine a bamboo sanctuary nestled deep in the fresh, naturalistic Balinese jungle; the hot steam of serenity billows out the windows of the studio, and you are completely engulfed in tranquility. Sounds like heaven, right? To get this position, it may take several more years of physical (and mental) training than other jobs, including an internationally recognized yoga teacher training (YTT) certificate. Intense, dedicated training shouldn't discourage you from this job though; rest assured it's worth the wait.

2. Work in a Hostel

For some travelers, all they need is some spare change and a bed to sleep in; because caution was meant to be thrown to the wind. If you consider yourself a free-spirited people person, the hostel life is for you. Hostels typically provide their employees with either a private or shared room and a small stipend for food and the occasional plane ticket. Hostels exist literally all over the world but have become wildly popular in western Europe and southeast Asia during the recent decades. Trivial pay can go much further in countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand compared to many other places in the world. Bonus points if you're a native English speaker, because many residents of southeast Asia do not speak English- but so many of the tourists who stay at hostels do. Again, the need for English speaking employees skyrockets during the peak season; so, don't be shy. Take advantage of your natural language and get the job abroad you've always dreamed of.

1. International English Teacher

One of, if not the most, popular job abroad is Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). What makes these positions so common is they're easy and require very little. Depending on where you want to teach, you may need a work visa and a TEFL certificate. If you're lucky enough to teach with EF, these expenses will be paid for you. Seen widespread in Asian countries, like China, Indonesia, and Vietnam; teaching English is somewhat of an entry level job that allows tons of room for promotion. The pay is decent, accommodation allowance is included, and the best contracts will even include a flight allowance, so teachers can travel during their time off. The best part is there is no experience necessary- just be outgoing and well (English) spoken and you're sure to pass any interview.

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