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One of the best reasons to start a job in China is that you can travel around a country that has over 5,000 years of history. Many of EF's teachers love to teach and travel in China. In this post, you'll learn some great tips on how you can make the most out of your holidays and days off to travel.

The "How To's" Of Teaching and Traveling in China

With the national holiday or “Golden Week” as the locals call it finally behind us, teachers seem to be settling back into their normal routines of lesson planning and teaching. But what about the rest of us who are travel addicts? When you are not planning your next lesson this down time is perfect for looking forward to the next upcoming holiday. Technically, the next major week-long holiday is not until the Chinese New Year, but don't let that discourage you! There is plenty of one and two-day trips you can take to escape the hustle and bustle of Shanghai and you can definitely teach and travel while you're living in China.

Tips For Taking Quick Day Trips

Stay Close:

Anywhere that you can travel to by bus or train is perfect for a one or two-day trip. Any place you would need to fly to takes up too much time and money.

Teacher's Weekends

Most teachers have weekdays off which is ideal for travelling. Although China is known for overcrowded areas, travelling on the weekdays makes it a lot easier to beat some of these crowds.


Travel within the country on a national holiday

Tour Groups

No need to worry about language barriers, booking hotels, or transportation. Let someone else handle the hard work and just sit back and relax

Join tour groups to explore more of China

Ask For Help

If you are not familiar with Chinese ask for help from a Chinese colleague in using a tour group. In my experience, they are always more than willing to help out if needed.

For your next quick trip check out Putuoshan Mountain or “Putuo Mountain.” The perfect two days and one-night adventure is only a 5-hour bus ride and a quick 15-minute ferry ride away from Shanghai on Zhoushan Island in the Zhejiang Province. For the holiday myself along with 6 of my friends decided to travel to the sacred Putuoshan Mountain. I personally do not advise travelling to any sacred areas; local temples included on holidays because it is extremely overcrowded. But when adventure calls I simply cannot say no. A perfect place for hiking, Putuo Mountain is a holy Buddhist mountain that is home to several sacred temples, small sacred caves, huge golden statues, and more.

With the help of two amazing local teachers who organized the trip with the tour group we were able to receive a special group rate that included the price of entering the island, entering the temples, a hotel, and free breakfast.

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