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Whether you are considering teaching English abroad as a way to travel the world or a possible career path, the first step is to decide on a TEFL certification course. A TEFL course will give you an introduction to key areas of English language teaching, and it will be one of the most important elements of your resume when you start applying for jobs.

Online or Face-2-Face

You will need to consider your geographical location and your learning style when deciding which mode of learning is best for you. One advantage of an online class is that many allow you to go at your own pace. This allows you to fit the course into your busy schedule. Another advantage of online courses is that they come in so many different forms, such as the number of hours, course content, and tutor support. This makes it easier to find a course that fits your budget, interests and career goals.

On the other hand, many people benefit from the structure that a face-2-face course provides. Another benefit of this type of course is the friendships and professional connections that you can form with your classmates and instructor. This is particularly helpful if you choose to study a TEFL course abroad as your classmates will be your first friends as you start to navigate your new surroundings.

Content Customization

The world of English language teaching is as diverse as those who teach and learn English. As you consider the idea of becoming an English teacher, you might also start to think about what type of students you may prefer to teach. For example, you might want to teach young learners or maybe you would like to put your business degree to work in the classroom. In addition to the core curriculum, many TEFL courses offer add-on modules or electives to give you more preparation for a particular type of student, such as Korean learners, or young learners. Foundation TEFL course includes the option to complete a specialised unit about young learners, which covers areas like motivating young learners and behavior management. Other areas of specialization include teaching a type of English, such as academic or business English, or teaching contexts, like teaching online. Having specialized knowledge and preparation will make you more competitive for your ideal EFL teaching job.

Job Assistance

Most TEFL certification programs offer job guidance, but there are varying levels of support. For some programs, job assistance may consist of a job board or of an email with a couple of links to available jobs. Other programs may offer advice on resume writing and interviewing. Some TEFL certification manage their own job openings and as a result they can guarantee you a job placement upon completion of their course.

One additional area to consider is companies that accept different TEFL programs. For example, EF has a large presence in China with over 300 schools in 60 cities. It is recommended that you take a look at the job openings posted on a TEFL program's website to see if they match with the type of job you are looking for. You should also take a look to make sure the TEFL certification you are considering meets the requirements listed in the job description.

There is a TEFL certification course out there for everyone. The key is to take some time to consider your budget, learning style, and career goals in ELT teaching.

Key Points to Consider:

The price of an online TEFL course ranges from $180 to $1400. Price varies depending on number of hours, amount of tutor support, job assistance, among other factors.

Face-2-Face courses start around $1500 plus the cost of living expenses during the course. These courses usually last approximately a month and are intensive in nature.

The number of hours required to complete the core modules of a TEFL certification course ranges from 60 to 120. Additional modules/specialization units tend to take 10 to 20 hours to complete.

The number of core units/modules varies quite a bit from course to course. You should compare the content of courses from several programs before selecting a TEFL certification course.

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