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When someone says, “I am an English teacher abroad,” certain countries come to mind. China is probably on the top of the list being that it spans across the Far East and its culture is captivating. We all know China is the most populous place in the world. On the other hand, Dubai, the luxury and architecture of this wonderland is undeniably attractive.

However, do not be fooled by the size of China and the glitter of Dubai; Indonesia is a developing country with plenty of posh places in Jakarta and Bali. This island nation also has beautiful historic monuments in Jakarta and places like Yogyakarta.

Here are my top 5 reasons why Indonesia will not disappoint:

#5. The weather

It's summertime every day. Indonesia is an equatorial continent so the climate is always tropical. Not even Dubai can promise you warm summer nights without sandstorms. Every holiday is a beach day.

#4. The islands

There are over 15 thousand island in Indonesia which means you could literally island hop for years and never go to the same place twice. Each island has its own distinct beauty that is as individual as a fingerprint.

#3. The cost of living

On a teacher's salary, an expat can truly live like a king. Most shares homes come with housekeeping services and the apartment living is quite nice too. Indonesia also has affordable transportation services. Your chariot will await you at a reasonable price.

#2. The food

Indonesian food is fresh, delicious, seasoned to perfection and affordable. This is a seafood lover's paradise. If you are vegetarian, Indonesia has many tofu options as well.

#1. The students and the teachers

Oh yes, that right, we are teachers. The students are respectful, smart and they take pride in their work. A lot of them are shy but they will warm up to you. The students are eager to learn about English and the culture of the western world. Many of them have ambitions to travel or attend universities in America or the UK. The local teachers are nice and friendly. Working together as a team is easy and they will help you navigate life outside of work too. They know the best hangout spots and more importantly, they know the language. When you make friends with the local teachers, they will be your friends for life.

The world of English teaching can lead to many wonderful experiences. I suggest all teachers whether new or experienced to take a year or two out of their busy day-to-day lives and travel abroad. The memories, the students and the culture are lessons that will strengthen your skills of understanding diverse populations. This experience also looks fantastic on your CV!

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