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If you're already an ESL Teacher or you're someone that's looking for new opportunities and perhaps a new exciting career in teaching, teaching in China is the perfect opportunity for you. When you work in China teaching English, you'll not only be able to change the lives of many; you'll also be able to explore a new country and immerse yourself fully into the Chinese culture. You may even be able to learn Mandarin!


When you decide to work in China as a teacher, you'll discover the many rewards it offers. You'll develop professionally as a teacher, foster new friendships, and ultimately learn about and understand the way of life in one of the world's oldest civilizations. It's also a country that's experiencing an economic growth like never before.

Working in China is rewarding both financially and professionally. Even if you're a teacher without much or zero teaching experience there are many benefits of teaching ESL in China. The salary to start with by Chinese standards is usually high compared to local salaries. As a teacher in China, you can expect to earn a monthly salary of anywhere between 10,000 - 16,000 RMB. Not only will you be able to live comfortably, you can also get free accommodation or a housing allowance, free flights and even bonuses.Most companies will even meet-and-greet you at the airport, and pay for your legal working Z visa.

The extra added bonus is that the cost of living is dirt cheap, which means you'll be able to explore, have a great lifestyle and still save whether it's for your next teaching journey or perhaps to pay off your student loan back home.


Unlike other places in the world, China is a great place to work if you're new to teaching. Why? This is one place where you'll be able to get your foot in the door and see whether teaching is for you. The requirements to be a teacher in China stated by the Chinese State Administration for Foreign Expert Affairs are few. All you need is a Bachelor's degree in any subject, a TEFL qualification, a clean Criminal Background Check, and good health. Getting a teaching job hasn't been so easy.

There are also many teaching jobs in China to be had. You've just got to consider the sheer size of the country to understand why. The demand is massive. Which is why you'll be able to take your pick. Don't fancy working with kids? There are many business English teaching jobs in China. If you don't fancy the corporate world, you can work in a private language school where classes are considerably smaller than state schools. And, because the demand is so high, you'll even be able to choose where you teach, and change locations so that you can explore this varied and mesmerizing country.


When you work in China teaching English, you will find that there is more to the job than just teaching. People from all over the world are drawn to China, which means that the workforce is increasingly diverse. You will develop the interpersonal skills that employers of today and the future are looking for. Every day, you will communicate with "non-native" English speakers, as well as your colleagues from across the English speaking world. Before you know it, you will be breaking down the cultural barriers and learning the communication skills that will help you in any field that you pursue in the future.

If you are looking to forge a lasting career in teaching, ESL teaching in China is the perfect training ground. Companies like EF English First are looking to grow, and they are also looking for their teachers to grow with them. This means that you will be able to take advantage of further training and gain further qualifications in your company. For example, EF will sponsor further qualifications such as the Cert-TESOL, the Dip-TESOL and the Trinity DELTM. In China, not only will you get the experience you need, but you will also get the training to move into more senior and higher paying positions.

Outside of teaching, as well as communication, you can also improve your presentation skills, time management skills and even pursue jobs outside of teaching. EF likes to hire internally, that means that you could develop in other job roles from recruitment to marketing and even copywriting.


Finally, China is a fascinating country. It has the second highest amount of UNESCO heritage sites in the world. There's so much to see – the travel opportunities are endless. It's a massive and diverse place with a rich culture and many traditions. Even if you decide to work in China teaching English for only a year, you'll be able to see and do so many things while creating memories of a lifetime.

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