Erica Fairchild

James Lyon

I come from Scotland in the UK. Before teaching English in China, I was studying physics in the Netherlands. I have become a lot more open-minded here in in China. One thing that I take great satisfaction in is that there's moments when I'd be teaching and it just hits me that I'm teaching these Chinese kids who I'd never meet if I was only traveling and we are bonding over our respective cultures! It is just sort of a unique experience because I'm able to talk to these kids about Scottish culture and they answer all my questions about Chinese Culture.


I'm from South Africa. I am an EFEC teacher, I teach adults and I have been teaching at EF in EF China for the past two years. what I find most rewarding about teaching is that I am not only imparting information but also a tool to students that brings people together.

Jina Guo

I've been working at EF for over a year, but I've been a teacher for four years. This is what I studied in university and I really like teaching. The most rewarding moments are where I teach in the classroom and I'm able deliver my knowledge of the language to my students and then I see what effect is it has on what they can produce. It makes me proud to be their teacher, and I feel like a mentor to them.

Ben Hengst

I am a life club and career advancement teacher in Shanghai, China. I think the most rewarding thing about teaching is working with students and realizing that you are learning just as much from them as they are from you. One example in my opinion is that they're all experts in something and learning about their hobbies and culture as you're teaching them English is really a great thing.

Titi Motsieloa

I am from South Africa I have been here for 11 months and next month will be one year. I am very excited about that! This is also the first time I have ever traveled this far away from home. Haha, come on over it is a lot of fun over here. For real!

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