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You’re looking to start a teaching job in China but don’t know where to start. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Here we will discuss:

  • how to find teaching opportunities

  • how to prepare for the application process

  • what to look for in a company and how to best prepare for an interview

Do your research

Preparing to teach abroad can be tough, especially if you are not in the country. It is very important to do as much research as possible and make sure the schools that you are applying to are trustworthy. Websites such as Dave’s ESL Café and may be good places to find credible schools that provide a valid work visa and development opportunities. You might also want to check the quality of the company on Glassdoor before applying.

Match the company to your needs

Knowing what you want from teaching abroad in China will help narrow down your options, and help you make the right choice. Are you looking to develop as a teacher? Do you want to make an impact? What age range do you what to teach and where? Or are you looking for an adventure and to immerse yourself in a new culture? Many language companies will offer training courses, professional development and a good sense of security and community. Make sure to check that the school will provide you with a TEFL certificate or help you with housing and onboarding.

Apply professionally

Now that you have done your research, you’ll be ready to apply. Make sure to fill in the application online as professionally as possible. Specify your motivation for making the move to China and include any previous teaching experience you may have. It is also important to update you resume to include your full work history.

Interview like a professional

Make sure to check your email for a reply. You should hear back from a recruiter to set up an interview quickly. The interview will most probably be via Skype or Zoom. Typically, it will be a video interview so make sure to be professionally dressed and in a quite environment. This will show that you are serious about the position and are able to present yourself well.

It might go without saying, but not getting too personal and keeping your answers related to work and teaching is the safest way to go. Getting too personal about not being able to make work on time or talking about your best friend’s cat in a professional example might not play out well.

Pro tip: After the interview, it’s always acceptable to send an email to the recruiter and thank them for the opportunity to interview. This will show that you are interested and committed to the position.

Do the paperwork!

So, congratulations! You got offered a job. But the work doesn’t stop there. Most companies will help you apply for your Chinese visa and need you to submit some documents online. To secure the best chances of keeping you job offer its important to upload these as soon as possible and work with the visa officers. You will be carefully monitored throughout the visa process, so if you are constantly late with uploading documents and delaying the process, the company might choose to revoke their offer.

And there you go! We hope these tips helped you better understand and demystify the application process for teaching abroad! If you are interested to learn more about making the move, we advise you speak to one of our recruitment specialists for more information on teaching abroad in China and submit a teaching application.

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