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Here you are, either freshly graduated or in the midst of considering a career change, and you’re not quite sure what step to take next. You’re looking for something that is rewarding but also challenging, a career that will take you outside of your comfort zone and into a whole new world. Well, I have some good news: teaching English in China could be your greatest career move yet.

Firstly, teaching itself is an incredibly fulfilling career since you get to truly see the results of your hard work in action. In my opinion, this is almost doubled when it comes to teaching English abroad. Your students might have a low level of English when you first meet them and seeing them grow and become comfortable with a new language is really rewarding. However, you are not just teaching them a language, you are also opening up the world to them and ensuring that in the future they will be able to pursue their interests anywhere they choose. Whether you are working with young children, teenagers or adults, you are making an important difference in their life. And that is saying nothing of the fun you will have in the classroom yourself!

Teaching involves a whole range of skills that are useful in any future career move you might make. Public speaking, time management, planning and flexibility all play a major part in a good lesson and once you have these under your belt you are able to take on an array of challenges, whether it is using balloons to teach the alphabet or communicate across language barriers.

Teaching English in China also means you will be joining a thriving industry in which new developments and new opportunities pop up constantly. Whether these changes are technological innovations or new locations, something is always coming up and you can be a part of that. Whatever previous skillset you bring to the table will be appreciated and can take you to surprising and unexpected places. While teaching you may find there are options to pursue different kinds of certifications and courses that not only enhance your teaching but also your CV. Whether these are in-depth courses on grammar and linguistics or courses preparing you for future management roles or content creation, teaching English in China comes with many opportunities for professional growth that will benefit you for the rest of your career.

Teaching English in China does not just involve teaching either, it’s also all about learning. By transplanting yourself into a different culture, continent and language you gain a varied set of skills that will serve you well no matter where you go next in your career. You are increasing your own independence and knowledge, while you are also showing every future employer that you can adjust to a unique work setting and thrive there. Your day-to-day life will put you in touch with people you otherwise never would have met and this will lead to a new-life balance. You will be working with a diverse set of people from all across the world, which does not only lead to international friendships but also to a greater understanding of cultural differences and how working cross-culturally can improve any project.

Finally, you will be exploring a fascinating country full of rich history and amazing food. There is always something new and different to try in China, whether it is learning the language, joining a tai chi club in your neighborhood or traveling to and from, whether it is within China or in neighboring countries. Do you like spicy food? China has it! Do you prefer mountains to beaches? China has the perfect holiday spots for you! The sheer breadth of experiences available in China will make teaching English in China the best career choice you have made so far.

Overall, choosing to teach English in China as your next career move can open all kinds of doors for you, of course professionally but also personally. It will be an experience you will never forget and the things you learn and see will be a benefit for whatever else you set your mind to in the future.

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