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EF's teaching English in China program not only provides teachers with a job in China but also excellent training opportunities, promotion opportunities and free teacher events! In this post, one of EF's bloggers shares four reasons why you should sign up for teacher events ASAP.

Adjusting To Life Abroad And Making Friends

Taking the leap to a new country can be tough. Thank goodness EF's teaching English in China program offers resources to help new teachers adjust to their environment and mingle with other people. Teacher events are hosted under EF's Teacher Recruitment & Training branch fall in that category.

Each major city hosts up to four or five local events per month. They include anything from belly dancing lessons to Peking duck dinner to musicals. Outings usually cater to 10-40 people and are planned on teachers' off times, so you won't miss work. Here's the kicker: They are free or incredibly affordable.

Big Events and Trips

The best thing about EF's teaching English in China programis that a few times a year, TRT hosts trips for a few days or a whole week to distant locations. You're incredibly lucky if you get chosen for those because those events include teachers from all over China—not just your city. In September, 24 people from four cities spent five days exploring the mysteries of Xinjiang. They visited the Heavenly Lake, stayed overnight in a yurt, saw the sunset in Kumtag desert, and more!

Starting Out

The teaching English in China program starts with onboarding and training. After onboarding, your local TRT coordinator will start sending a calendar of events and a link to sign up. Every time I get an email from my local coordinator, I sign up immediately for the random drawings. In my first three months in Guangzhou, I've already attended five teacher events. Yep, five! And I loved them all.

I saw a Korean comedy at a local theatre; devoured a Vietnamese feast; hiked Baiyun Mountain and won the photo scavenger hunt along the way; ate a Peking duck dinner and took a day trip to a tea plantation and factory. I wouldn't trade those memories for anything.

4 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up For Teacher Events ASAP

  • Discovering New Places

If you're teaching abroad or considering it, then you're already an explorer at heart. Teacher events will take you to different parts of the city or country that could end up becoming your new hot spots. Plus, you'll feel more connected to Chinese culture and your city when you experience it firsthand in a carefree environment.

  • Meeting And bonding With New People

Teacher events bring local, Chinese teachers and international teachers together, so both groups can venture out of your cliques and comfort zones. Also, it's so easy to just hang with people in your centre or your onboarding group. You're bound to become friends with other teachers from all over at these events and create a bigger network.

  • Personal Enrichment

You can actually learn or create something useful through this program. That class on floral arrangements or making lamps with paper carvings could give you a new skill and hobby.

  • Autonomy

Teachers propose activities to their local TRT coordinator and help plan the events. It may only take a few hours of your time to help organise them, and your coordinator can help sort out the details in Mandarin or Cantonese.

Don't just take my word for it. Check out testimonials from these other teachers in Guangzhou.

Sybil S. USA

"When you are an international abroad, it's easy to feel lonely, only go to the same places, hang out with the same people, find cool and affordable adventures, or even find it difficult to find new places. TRTs are mostly free events where you meet new people, see and do new things, and have cheap adventures that otherwise might be hard to do on your own. Why would you say no to that? I've never been to a TRT event that I didn't enjoy"

Lily N. – China

"It's a great opportunity to try new things and expand hobbies, meeting new people, and know more about Guangzhou. It's also self-improvement. I remember I attended the flower arranging event and I can better organize the flowers now."

Alicia R. – USA

"Teachers should take advantage of the TRT events because it is truly an excellent way to meet new people around the city and actually go to different places around the city that you probably wouldn't have by yourself.It really opens up more knowledge about what's going on in the city. You just get to mix and mingle with your counterparts and meet new people. EF does a great job trying to accommodate teachers and making us feel as comfortable as possible, so I think it's a great program."

I have had some great times at the events, and I am sure you will too! Make sure you check out some more of the teacher events in the teacher events gallery. If not make sure you apply for EF's teaching English in China program and enjoy lots of free and sponsored events as well as lots of training. You'll never look back.


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