Erica Fairchild

1. Get Paid to Make Lifelong Memories

Whether you are an adventurous person looking for a new experience or a person looking to get out of their shell and trying something exciting for the first time, working abroad is a great way to accomplish that goal. Finances often restrict people from looking for great experiences. Could you imagine being in a popular tourist area and getting paid to live there? It's amazing! Every day is a new opportunity to explore your new home.

The memories you will make while working abroad will truly be some of the greatest stories you will ever have. Experiencing a different side of the world is something you can take advantage of every day, even when doing something as simple as making your way to work. I remember taking the metro during rush hour one morning and missing my stop because it was packed. I did not realize how aggressive I had to be to just get off the metro. Those videos you see on the internet about people being shoved and pushed out of the way are real! I ended up following a sweet old woman and got off on the next because she knew exactly how to make her presence known and elbow people on her off the metro.

Working abroad allows you to encounter new cultures, different foods, and experience a completely different lifestyle all while making friends from around the world. Being able to become a local in a place where other foreigners come to vacation is a luxury not everyone is fortunate enough to experience.

2. Expand Your Horizons

Leaving your home and beginning your new life abroad is tough.  It is a life changing decision and an experience that begins with uncertainty and more questions than answers. Did I make the right decision making this move? What did I just get myself into? Is all this shock worth it? Often you begin this new adventure alone, in an unfamiliar environment, with new cultural norms and a huge language barrier. All these possibilities can be tough both mentally and emotionally. It may even leave you questioning your decision to leave behind a comfortable and easy lifestyle. But there is the beauty in the struggle. There is no doubt that the situations you will experience will help you grow and learn more about yourself and capabilities as a person. Teaching abroad is an amazing way to expand your horizons and accept a change that will benefit yourself and perspective on life.

On the other hand, taking time to be away from family and friends can be very beneficial and can help you get to know yourself and become more independent. Working abroad not only helps your career development but it can also help you mature as an individual and put yourself in a situation where you get to experience an exciting new life and fresh start.

3. Network Around the World from One Place

It is great to know that once you decide to make this move, you will not be alone. There are a lot of different people from all around the world making the same decision to work abroad. Meeting people from different nationalities is very interesting, it allows you to learn more about different cultures and to help create lifelong relationships. Use this opportunity to work abroad to help with your personal and professional growth. Being in a different world and environment will help you rethink your goals, motivations, and overall purpose.


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