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By now, you probably know of someone who has decided to move abroad and work overseas. It has become increasingly popular over the past 10 years, especially with a growing ESL industry in many countries. Whether you are a recent grad or well into your current career, there are many opportunities to move abroad and benefit from the rewards of working overseas.

Here are the top 3 reasons why many Americans are making the move abroad:

1. To save money in a low cost of living country

It's no surprise that most Americans live paycheck to paycheck when they first graduate from University. The cost of living expenses plus paying student loans can really add up. One benefit of working and living abroad is the financial freedom to work, have a social life, and have enough money left over to travel AFTER your cost of living expenses. While teaching abroad in China, for example - if you budget properly and eat locally, you might only spend half of your monthly salary on living, food, and transportation expenses (even less if you live in a smaller city!). This could leave you approximately 700 USD per month to either save, use for travel, or help pay off expenses at home.

2. To gain a full year of work experience before entering into the work force at home

If you successfully work abroad for a year, this shows that you already have certain traits that many companies are looking for. For example, it shows you are willing to try new things, and that you are highly adaptable to new or unexpected situations. Aside from this, if you choose to teach abroad for a year, you will learn many new and transferable skills that you can take with you to any future role. Teaching improves public speaking and oral communication skills, helps build stronger interpersonal skills from working directly with students, and shows that you can manage your time effectively within a given period.

3. To experience a new culture more deeply than just going on vacation

As Americans, we have the luxury of having so many amazing places to travel to within our own country. However, traveling internationally can be very expensive and requires a longer time commitment than most US companies are willing to give. Working overseas allows you to not only feel like you're on a permanent vacation with your weekends full of exploring, but it gives you the time to really immerse yourself in the local culture. For example, with EF, you can take free mandarin lessons. This allows you to learn a new language and actually use it in your free time! Learning a new language is the best way to connect with the local culture.

So, how can you begin your journey of working overseas?

Choosing the right place to work overseas is key to being successful. China is a great place to start working overseas as an ESL teacher. The ESL market in China is huge, and there are plenty of jobs available. EF offers amazing assistance with this process including full visa support for a legal working visa, paid teacher training with 2 weeks of paid accommodation, and TEFL certificate sponsorship. EF teachers also receive a comprehensive health insurance plan while living abroad.

  • To qualify, you must have:

  • A Bachelor's Degree

  • A TEFL Certification (EF TEFL sponsorship available)

  • Passport holder from UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, South Africa or New Zealand

  • The ability to obtain a clear background check

  • Ability to live abroad for at least one year

Apply on our website, and you could be on your way to working overseas in as little as 3 months!

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