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Do you have questions about what life is like teaching in Russia? Don't worry… EF English First has got our teacherscovered. Read our FAQ below for some answers to the most common questions about living and teaching in Russia.

I don't speak Russian; is teaching in Russia for me?

Upon first glance, the streets of Russia can seem to be a maze of foreignness as there are only few signs in English; and Cyrillic, (Russian writing system), uses a different alphabet. But once you are there, you will find that a considerable number of people speak English, and the numbers are growing as more internationals are moving to Russia. There are also numerous English language daily newspapers and periodicals to choose from. At EF, the working language is English both in and outside of the classroom. If you are interested in learning the language, EF can assist you with finding Russian language classes. Without a doubt, knowing some Cyrillic and some simple phrases will help you navigate - and enjoy your time teaching in Russia.

How safe is it to live and teach in Russia?

There are no major safety concerns about living and teaching in Russia. Given its size, Moscow is relatively safe compared to many western cities back home. Business crime does not affect teachers and locals who are not involved in it, and many of those who have been teaching in Russia for years with us say that they feel safer there than they do in major cities in their own countries. As with living in any metropolitan city, it is advisable to use caution and be smart.

What about my health while I am in Russia?

You should have no major health concerns while teaching in Russia with us. As a member of EF's teaching staff, you will have full international standard medical and accident insurance. If you are from the UK, there is a reciprocal healthcare agreement entitling British citizens to free health treatment in Russian hospitals. For other nationalities, the quality of healthcare there is good and affordable.

Will I be looked after upon arrival, before I really start teaching?

Yes! When you arrive in Russia, you will be greeted at the airport by one of your new teaching colleagues. We will escort you to the pre-arranged accommodation and provide you with a welcome package, complete with phone and transportation cards, maps as well as local school and lifestyle information. After you have had a chance to catch your breath, we will provide you with a thorough orientation, so you will have all the information you need to start your new journey of teaching in Russia with EF.

As an EF teacher, what will my living situation be like?

Upon arrival, you will either enter an apartment that was pre-arranged by your school, or you will be accompanied to a hotel, which EF will provide. If your accommodation is not yet decided, EF will put you up in a hotel for your first 10 days while we help you look for an apartment. Not to worry, our teachers have the final say on where they live and how they live (alone or sharing), and we will help you every step of the way. Apartment contracts are negotiable and EF will help you pay for any agency fees. If you want Internet and cable TV, we can help you find that too.

In what kind of environment will I be teaching?

In one word - modern. To help you with your teaching, all EF schools have well-equipped classrooms with full Internet access and the latest in educational technology. The teachers' rooms are fully outfitted with personal desktop computers and a full library of supplemental teaching materials. In addition, EF has its own branded series of textbooks and computer-based learning series designed by our team of academic experts.

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