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Do you havequestions about what life is like teaching in Indonesia? Don't worry... EF English First has got our teacherscovered. Read our FAQ below for some answers to the most common questions about living and teaching in Indonesia. It doesn't matter if you're teaching in Jakarta, Bali or even Semarang, you can expect a fantastic teaching experience.

Does teaching in Indonesia require me to speak Bahasa?

All EF classes are conducted in English so you will not be at a loss if you do not speak Bahasa, the local language. Of course, we encourage all of our teachers to learn the language of the land and can facilitate Bahasa lessons in the school or in the community. If you need help with sorting out plane tickets or a doctor's visit, your school will be happy to help translate.

Will teaching in Indonesia affect my dietary habits? Being vegetarian?

Teaching in Indonesia will not stop you from being a vegetarian. The local cuisine is full of fresh fruits and vegetables, and if you happen to eat fish, it is abundant. In most cities where EF is located, there is a wide array of western foods as well to satisfy your palate.

Can I bring my family to Indonesia?

EF will sponsor your work visa, but will not be responsible for non-EF employees.

How long is the teaching contract?

The standard EF teaching contract in Indonesia is 12 consecutive months (1 year). It is a renewable contract if both parties agree. Many of our teachers choose to stay for another 1 or 2 more years either in the same centre or other parts of Indonesia or another EF country. There are also promotions for more senior academic positions.

Will I be teaching children?

Yes. Teaching in Indonesia with us involves teaching students of all age groups. All EF teachers will have to teach children from 4 years and up. This is avaluable experience for your future teaching career. English language teaching to children in non-English speaking countries has grown exponentially in recent years and it is unavoidable in most institutes.

How big are the classes I will be teaching in Indonesia?

You will be teaching classes of various sizes, from one-on-one individual classes to small groups (minimum 6 students) to workshops (maximum 14 students).

What other duties do I have to do besides teaching?

Our teaching staff is required to spend the rest of the time planning lessons, attending teacher development workshops, grading achievement tests, attending teachers' meetings, placement testing prospective students and other teaching-related duties.

Will I be met at the airport?

Yes. A representative from the school where you will be teaching in Indonesia will pick you up at the airport and take you to your accommodation. If you are not too tired, they may also take you to meet key personnel at the school as well.

How Do I start teaching in Indonesia?

If you're looking to start your new job teaching job in Indonesia, then the best thing to do is fill out a quick application. From there, we will arrange a quick conversation and guide you through the application process. It couldn't be easier.


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