Nomhla Mahalia Macingwan

I've been in China teaching English for almost six months, and I'm proud to say that I haven't been sick. I've watched people battle the flu and all sorts of strange ailments. What's my secret you may ask? Because, we do all eat roughly the same food, right? Ah, maybe but not exactly. You may say that to a degree we do. We breathe the same air. Here are my five tips on how I stay healthy, even living abroad.

1. Supplements

Coming from a person who is slightly overweight at the moment, but working towards a specific healthy weight goal, trust me, this has been my saving grace. SUPPLEMENTS. Just to backtrack a bit, I was packing for my first overseas trip to Shanghai, China. One of my biggest concerns was how I was going stay healthy. I worked out a plan that included a big sacrifice: more than half my suitcase had whole food supplements from AIM. I hear someone saying well there is no AIM in China, yes sure. There is a Holland and Barret though. Plus, one can always find a plethora online.

2. Eat Lots of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

China has some of the best melons I have tasted. The variety is endless. Make sure to clean your fresh produce with clean water. I always wash my fruit with slightly salted filtered water and baking soda. It's best to eat fruit on an empty stomach. Also, try not to mix it with cooked food. It takes about an hour to digest fruit.

3. Stay hydrated

Drink lots of clean water. I do. You will find that your skin looks fantastic. Your energy will be boundless. With regards to skin, my general rule thumb is...if I can't eat it then it shouldn't be on my skin, it being the biggest absorber and all.

4. Coconut Oil

I use it for my skin, it has natural sun blocking agents, and if the scent is too strong, odorless is another option. This wonder oil is also great for cooking, unlike olive oil, because it doesn't change its structure when heated.

5. Eliminate Refined Sugar

I have found that refined sugar is best friends with that sluggish, I'm-so-tired-feeling that most people think is a normal part of their day. It's not. If you cut out refined sugar found in foods like candy, cola, and some cereals, I guarantee you will have twice the amount of energy you once had.

To sparkling health!

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