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Susan Bradley

“Every day, in every way, getting better and better.”

~ Emile Coue

Living in China as an expat, I have discovered the coolest thing; two New Year celebrations! We have January 1st universally accepted as the day we celebrate and start a new calendar year. Here in China, we celebrate on January 1st, as well as the Lunar New Year with the Spring Festival celebration (typically around the end of January or beginning of February). That means, I have two chances to kick off resolutions for the upcoming year!

In-Center Training

2019 will mark a year of focus on my teaching skills, which will also include obtaining more teaching certifications. EF supports teachers with many opportunities for learning through options like local and corporate trainings. Local trainings are often taught by more senior teachers on subjects like classroom management, organizational themes like planning and preparation with lesson plans, to how to perform an energetic and engaging demo lesson for students and parents. Our school has a Senior Director of Study that creates training opportunities for our teaching staff (local Chinese teachers and international teachers alike), for learning and team building.

Corporate Training

Equally impactful, corporate EF offers incredible opportunity to stretch ourselves and to enhance our CV's with certifications through Teaching Knowledge Tests (TKTs) through Cambridge University. TKTs measure your knowledge, principles, and practices of teaching. These modules offer lessons, assessment, and certificates on teaching children, classroom management, and lesson planning. There are also specialty modules and professional certifications like the CertTESOL and the DipTESOL offered through EF and are referred to as a master's level certifications for teaching ESL.

For me this year is a focus on being a better teacher. The quote by Emile Coue, “Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better” captures my feeling and focus for the coming year! I've got the support and the resources to focus and every day, in every way, get better and better at what I love doing!

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