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Fresh graduates face immense societal expectations to start real life. Don't get it twisted, aspirations for a real life should feature in your plans. However, you can have fun while thinking and planning about these issues. How, you ask? Simple. Living and working abroad. Before you figure out the direction your life should take, experience life outside your home country. Learn a new culture, experience new adventures and get to travel, all while working abroad. Here are the reasons why China is a perfect fit.

Affordable Housing

Unknown to many, life in China is affordable. Low-cost housing offers the ideal start-up environment for a fresh graduate. Rent for apartments in bigger cities range from a couple of hundred US Dollars a month to upwards of ten thousand. Rental units further away from the towns are cheaper by a few hundred USD. For example, a standard two-bedroom apartment with a marble kitchen counter top goes for around 4,500 RMB an equivalent of $587.50 per month.

Inexpensive Food

As for the food, you don't have to worry about going to a fancy restaurant to get Chinese delicacies. You are in China after all, and the prices are affordable. For example;

  • Shanghai breakfast buns cost 2 RMB/bun (about 30 US cents!)

  • Harbin dinner (Dong Bei Cai meal) can cost 300-400 RMB/about 10 dishes (about 40-60 USD), and that's shared amongst a group of 6 friends!

  • Street BBQ food in Xinjiang (lamb on a stick) goes for 20 RMB for 6 meaty sticks (3 USD)

  • Guilin rice noodles cost 10 RMB/bowl of cold, garlic noodles! (1.50 USD)

Reliable Transport

Public transportation in China is efficient and dependable. One to note is the country's train system. It guarantees a fast, silent, and a fun way to move from one city to another. You have the opportunity to tour the country, enjoy China's scenic views, and go to work conveniently using the train system that may cost you about 100 to 200 RMB, an equivalent 16 to 32 USD per month. Its reliability saves you on car hire costs, Uber and taxi charges.

In many of the big cities, the metros keep getting renovated and built up. A journey to work (about 20-30 minutes) will take about 4 RMB (about 0.60 US cents) for a one-way journey. If you total that up, you'll spend 40 RMB on transport per week, about 160 RMB per month. This transportation to work budget for ONE MONTH is equivalent to about 25 USD – which is what you'll spend in ONE WEEK back in the States filling up your car with gas!

China's Rich Culture

China oozes with entertainment programs that are both educational and relaxing. From beautiful art creations to circus performances; ballroom dancing to opera shows and entertainment joints; health clubs to sporting facilities, all at an affordable cost. Here is a look at how much it all cost you to visit a few entertainment sections.

  • KTV is a popular karaoke activity locals and westerners like to do together, about 100 RMB/room/hour – split cost between friends.

  • Massages are considerably cheaper in China. For example, a 60-minute oil massage can cost about 130 RMB (about 20 USD)!

  • Theme parks – about 150 RMB/person (about 23 USD), much cheaper than Busch Gardens or Six Flags and especially cheaper than Disney.

  • Many art museums in the large cities charge a minimal fee if not free.

There is something for everyone. With so many options especially for those living in China, it does follow that the cost implication is lower compared to individuals touring China for a week or a month-long holiday.

With the set of challenges many face living abroad, it comes as no surprise why China is a preferred destination for young individual building a life after grad school. The welcoming nature of China and its people, you are sure to feel right at home as you begin setting a foundation for your life.

Get On Board

Finances remain a key challenge for many abroad. Many have ended up in debt trying to finance a life of luxury. Some are stuck in foreign nations because of their troubled finances. This should not be your story. It is possible to live cheap as you sample the more exceptional things the world has to offer. The easiest opportunity for you to enjoy a rich, affordable life, therefore, is applying to teach English in China. You earn as you experience a luxurious life China has to offer.

At EF English First we are offering an opportunity for fresh graduates to experience the Chinese culture right at the source. With over 300 schools in 60 cities across China, you are sure to fit right in. All you have to do is apply for an opportunity to teach English and let us fast track the process to get you started. Visit our website today for more details.

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