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Travelling the world is something that is becoming increasingly sought after, especially amongst young people. However, there is one barrier that can prevent us from booking the tickets – money. Saving money is easier said than done, but it is possible, and you can even recoup some of the trip costs during your travels.

There are several ways you could do this, and none of them involve you needing to sign up to any suspicious money-making schemes.

1. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

This is perhaps the most common method of earning money whilst travelling. There is a demand for learning English all over the world, therefore it is not difficult to find an opportunity. The role generally pays well, and a typical contract usually lasts for one year. However, you still have the flexibility to do some travelling during your days off and holiday allowances, so it's not like you will be stuck in one place for a long time. Living in an exotic place, improving the life opportunities for others, developing yourself, travelling, and earning money. Sounds good right?

EF offers one-year contracts across 60+ cities in China and Indonesia, close to many different travel destinations for you to explore in your spare time. You have the choice of teaching kids and teens, adults, or online, and you have a fantastic opportunity to meet many like-minded individuals from around the world

2. Rent out your apartment/house whilst you are away

The rise of renting platforms, such as AirBnB, has created more opportunities for people to earn money. Depending on your property, you could earn a lot of money renting the place out whilst you are away, and it could prevent you from having to sell off your property and move out. However, remember that you will need somebody trustworthy at home to help you manage this.

3. Blogging

Blogging is another industry that is starting to grow significantly. These can either be a written blog online, or a video blog (Vlog) which can both be shared widely on various platforms. These are online journals where people share their experiences and information to an audience. There are opportunities to make small money via advertisements, and if you can make your work reach a wide audience, you may find yourself receiving endorsements from sponsors. Don't put all your hopes in this method, but don't be discouraged; it is therapeutic for some people and they provide memories for you to look back on in the future.

The suggestions listed above are not the only ways of earning money when you travel, but they are the most common and they will not pose any risks in terms of upsetting the local authorities. There are other ways of making money, but it is important that you are well-informed about local rules and regulations to avoid a premature end to your travels. Remember, there are just as many ways of saving money, making it easier for you to further your travels. Travelling doesn't always have to be expensive! Here are a few suggestions for saving money:

1. Eat where the locals eat

Eating out is relatively inexpensive in China, but, like in many places around the world, it is cheaper to eat where the locals do, rather than ‘home comforts' and in tourist areas. Be adventurous! The local people will appreciate you, and so will your wallet.

2. Organize trips yourself

Sure, it's not as convenient as having a guided tour and having an agency organize everything for you, but you'll be amazed at how much money you can save if you organize things by yourself. Don't be scared, ask for advice from those who have travelled to those places before, if you need it.

3. Budget

Set yourself an achievable budget and stick to it, it'll make your money go a lot further. It doesn't have to be painful though, allow yourself some money to treat yourself and make memories.

Travelling can be expensive, but there are plenty of opportunities to earn and save money. Many people go out to embark on teaching career before going on to travel afterwards. Not sure where to start? Take the first step and apply to be an English Teacher with EF.

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