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So, you're fresh out of college and enjoying that sweet life of freedom and independence - that is, until the bills start rolling in. Now that the post-graduation high has subsided, you're now face-to-face with adulthood and all that comes with it. Even though you know it's time to establish some structure and responsibility in your life, you can't help but think it's all feeling too soon to ‘settle down.' “There's a whole world out there! I cannot be contained by these societal constructs!” Yes, you are 100% right about that; there is a whole world out there. And in fact, there is an entire network of international jobs waiting to hire expats (or future expats) just like you. Some of the same jobs you can find domestically are available overseas: you can be a chef, a doctor, an engineer, a programmer, a graphic designer, a web designer - the list goes on. But - many of these jobs abroad require that dreaded word:' Experience.' “But I just graduated! I don't have ‘Experience!' What do I do now?” Lucky for you, there's a secret life hack for young people to have their cake and eat it: teaching English abroad. Not only can you find work abroad teaching English, you usually don't need experience to get it. Plus, you'll be gaining work experience while enjoying the adventure of a lifetime!

You don't need experience to teach abroad - but you will definitely gain it!

The amazing thing about teaching abroad is that you can often find companies and organizations that literally prefer you not to have experience. While having teaching experience is a plus, many companies welcome inexperienced hires because they can easily groom new teachers to be the best they can be while representing their school and curriculum positively. This is the perfect situation for anyone new to working, and especially those who are new to teaching. You will be thoroughly trained and groomed in a level of professionalism that will be easily transferable to any and all that you do in life.

Move overseas with support

Many jobs for expats will assist in arranging necessary visas and residency permits, finding housing, and many times setting up local bank accounts and utilities. Furthermore, many jobs overseas will offer both living and professional support while teaching. Like if you decide to move to a new apartment, or you're struggling with a particular student - many jobs have a team of people to help you with such problems throughout your contract. Plus, they will almost always help you with any exit procedures and paperwork should you decide to go home after a year, or two, or three - or, maybe never? Because actually, you realize pretty quickly that you're living the best life teaching English abroad.

Boost the resume with an international job

It is extremely tough for new and recent graduates to build their resume from almost nothing. When faced with this challenge, you're left looking at sometimes dismal entry-level jobs that once again resign you to a prematurely “settled” life. The wonderful thing about teaching abroad is that you will have the time of your life while also boosting your resume. It is an absolute win-win for you. Even if you decide that teaching is not the career for you, having worked abroad will open up so many doors. Not only does teaching abroad give you professional skills to offer in any career path, it will also show that you are a brave risk-taker who is open-minded and ambitious.

International jobs are ripe for self-discovery

So maybe you don't know what to do with your life? You have a crisp new degree in hand but no clue what to do with it? Teaching abroad really is the best way to sort out the uncertainties and discover your passions. Many people enjoy teaching abroad for some time and move on to other careers, while others fall madly in love with experience (and sometimes a person too!) and truly live the best expat life!

Avoid FOMO - teach abroad now!

International jobs are ripe for self-discovery and profound personal growth. While there are many jobs for expats out there, teaching abroad is one of the most exciting entry-level paths to take. Teaching overseas is one of the best ways to enter the workforce with support while still enjoying a free-spirited and adventurous lifestyle. You'll build your resume with work abroad while also checking-off that extensive FOMO bucket list of yours. So, what do you say? Are you in?

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