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Don't get us wrong; we love winter and everything that comes with this season. But sometimes we need a break from the layers upon layers and seeing the thermometer drop to the negative numbers. If you feel like you need to escape the winter blues too, we have just the list for you.

These six sizzling destinations will not only provide you with an escape for the winter, but they're also great places to live year round.


There's nowhere quite like Bali. This idyllic island has shot into popularity in recent years due to its breath-taking beaches, iconic volcanic mountains and its lush green rice terraces.

Despite being a tourist hot-spot, more and more expats are settling into the island, working in a range of industries and taking advantage of the long warm days and awe-inspiring landscapes.

Average temperatures are usually between 26°C and 29°C which is perfect if you like relaxing in the sun, hiking or swimming.

Bali island Indonesia


Malang has become famous for its colourful buildings, Dutch-inspired architecture and laidback lifestyle. While most cities in the region have struggled economically, Malang has thrived with steady economic and population growth around the area.

Today, people from all over the world visit the city to explore the surrounding mountains, hills and open plains.

As well as being a natural beauty, there are also cultural relics and temples to visit dating back hundreds of years. Malang is the perfect city if you like mild temperatures (25°C year-round average) and easy access to the city and the beach.

Malang, Indonesia


Outside of China, very few people have heard of Xiamen, but inside of China, the secret is already out.

Xiamen lies on the southeast coast of China on the Taiwan Strait. The city is well known around the country for its beaches, greenery, temples and culture. The southern coast of the island is perhaps the most notable. With palm trees dotted along the beach, you'd never believe you were in China.

Xiamen is consistently warm throughout the year due to its subtropical climate, and the city itself is a clean, convenient place to live.

Xiamen, China


Manado has had a rich and varied history. Traditionally a port town, the city has seen many occupiers from the Spanish in the 17th century to the Japanese in the 20th. This diverse history can still be seen today in the cities culture, architecture and cuisines.

If you like to snorkel or scuba dive, then there's no better place to go. Manado is known as the gateway to the world-famous Bunaken national marine park which attracts tourists with its beauty every year.

Manado is the perfect little winter getaway with average year-round temperatures are between 25°C and 27°C.

Manado, Indonesia


Balikpapan is one of Southeast Asia's up and coming cities. Once a tiny fishing village on the coast of the island of Borneo, Balikpapan has become one of Indonesia's most sought after locations being named one of the country's most loveable and liveable cities from 2009 onwards.

Although Balikpapan has developed as a prosperous city, there is still a very laid-back culture. Local residents, expats and ESL teachers love to spend their free time relaxing at the gorgeous Kemala beach or cooling down at either the Caribbean Island or Griya Water Park.

Balipapann, Indonesia


Shenzhen is one of China's largest cities situated on the southeast coast in Guangdong province. Its close in proximity to Hong Kong and Macau makes it the perfect place for taking weekend trips to some of China's special economic zones which enjoy much more western amenities as well as diverse cultures.

The average annual climate is warm with lows of 22°c in winter and high temperatures of 34°C in the summer. When the weather warms up, most people head to the beach to take a dip in the sea, or even venture to one of the cities waterparks.

If you're looking for a modern developed city, with spectacular beaches and excitement on every corner, then Shenzhen would be ideal for you!

shenzhen, china


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