Emily Hudson

I have to be honest and say that before I started teaching English in China, I was not the biggest fan of kids. I have never been one of those people who can immediately connect with children and think that everything that they do is precious and amazing. This job has changed my mind, to an extent, and I can admit that sometimes kids can be cute. My favourite thing about the kids I teach though, is the funny things they come out with. Half the time, they don't mean to be funny but they end up being hilarious anyway. I've compiled a list of some of the things some of my fellow teachers and I have heard just to give you an idea of what to expect when teaching.

1. Student: Miss, why is your nose pointy?

Teacher: ummmmm .......

2. *written in a test*: There were giggles and shizzles everywhere

3. *also written in a test*: Oh yeah fam u no, it was totally lit

4. Teacher: Put your book away

Student who doesn't seem to know a word of English: .....

Teacher: Put your book away

Student: *drops book* F***

Teacher: ummmm

5. Student: Miss you know you have grey hair right?

Teacher: My hair is brown

Student: Yeah most of it is brown but I can see some grey hairs on your head

6. Student 1: Miss have you seen the new DC trailer?

Teacher: No

Student 2: Ugh I hate DC, Marvel is so much better

Student 1: NO ONE ASKED YOU!

7. Student: I want to go skiing

Teacher: Why?

Student: Because, because, because I love ice!

8. Teacher: *points to a picture of a clock* What's this class?

Class: It's a clock

Student: Miss it's a c***

Teacher: Close, but not quite

9. Teacher: I'm from Canada

Student: That's in England right?

So as you can see, the things that children say can be direct and unintentionally rude, but these are usually the funniest things. These moments are the things you tell your fellow teachers and people back home about and these are the things you remember long after the lesson has finished.

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