Shenzhen Skyline. Why I love Shenzhen


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Nanshan Museum in Shenzhen

How to get there:

Take Metro Line 1 to Taoyuan Metro. Take Exit B and walk northwards +/- 15 minutes. Museum is opposite the “Nanshan Sports and Cultural Centre:.

Alternatively, if you live in Bao’an, the M371, M241 and M337 (traveling in the direction of Nanshan/Shekou) buses stop near to the museum at “Nanshan Sports Centre” bus stop.


Contemporary and traditional art museum with multiple exhibition rooms. Three permanent exhibitions showing the history of Nanshan (ancient and modern) as well as the rise of Nanshan during and after “The Opening Up and Reform”. Revolving roster of exhibitions showcasing traditional and contemporary art as well as historical exhibition.


Free. Visitors are required to make a booking via the museum’s official WeChat Account.


Shenzhen Museum in China

How to get there:

Take Metro Line 2/4 to ‘Civic Centre” Metro station , Take Exit B. Cross the road (crosswalk to your left +/- 100m or at the intersection +/- 250m to your right). Entrance to the museum is at the side of the building.

Alternatively, take a Didi to “Shenzhen Museum”


Contemporary and traditional art as well as cultural and natural history. Five permanent exhibitions:

  • Ancient Shenzhen;

  • Modern Shenzhen;

  • Folk Culture and Customs of Shenzhen;

  • Natural history exhibitions; with 3 “Thematic Exhibition Halls” dedicated to revolving exhibitions.

 Currently on show:

  • “Exhibition of Cultural Relics of the Ming Dynasty Tusi Clan”

  • "Sacred Pulchritude Beyond the River”


Free, unless otherwise stated.

Note: visitors need to make a booking via the museum’s official WeChat account and show the QR code on entry.


Jupiter Museum of Art

How to get there:

Take Metro Line 3 to “Futian Bonded Area“. Take Exit B . Go through the security boom  and cross the intersection  and turn right onto Jianhua Road. Walk to the next corner and turn left onto Lanhua Road. Walk north along Lanhau Road until you get to Chenglian Logistics. The museum is the big warehouse next Chenglian Logistics.


Two large exhibition spaces, a learning centre, multipurpose area and coffee shop. The Jupiter Museum is an up coming contemporary art museum showcasing both local and international artists and art groups. The museum boasts an urban appeal the reflects the art zeitgeist of Shenzhen.


Visitors need to make a booking via the museum’s official WeChat account and show the QR code on entry.

Entrance Fees are exhibition dependant. 


OCT Loft in Shenzhen

How to get there:

Take Metro Line 1 to “Qiaocheng East” and go through Exit A. Turn right and walk +/- 250m to the corner. Turn right at the “Sinopec” petrol station and walk straight up the road. This will bring you to the South Area of OCT Loft. The North Area is accessible by walking through the South Area. There are “You are Here” maps to guide you around the areas.


The first port of call for those looking for an art buzz, OCT Loft is an urban art precinct bordering Nanshan and Futian. Within walking distance of “Splendid China”, “Happy Valley” and “Window of the World”, OCT Loft is home to galleries, boutiques, restaurants and creative enterprises.

Divided into the “North” and “South” areas, the North Area houses most of the precinct’s bars, restaurants and boutiques. The C2 exhibition area is  multipurpose space housing different exhibitions during the precinct’s creative seasons.

The South Area is home to the “OCT Art & Design Gallery (Exhibition Halls A & B), a few restaurants, the OCT Loft Library and studios. (and a Starbucks if one is so inclined).

Not only home to art spaces, the precinct itself is a study in contemporary art and the use of space as an art form.


Shenzhen Design Society in Shekou

How to get there:

Take Metro Line 2 to “Sea World”. Take Exit A and walk towards the “Minghua” (the big ship) and walk around the back (if you see the MacDonald’s you’re walking the right way). Walk towards the “Goddess Nuwa” statue (you will walk under the roadway). The Design Society will be on your right if you’re looking towards the bay and Sea World is behind you.


As the name implies, the primary mission of this space is design. The building itself houses multiple design firms, one large and one medium exhibition space on the first floor, multiple smaller halls on the second and third floors as well as the ”Mountain View” theatre on the third floor. A restaurant and the “Design Coffee Shop” are located on the first floor as well (ground floor for those who don’t speak American)

The Design Society is all about contemporary and urban design, reflecting the upward mobility of Young China and the ever changing ideas driving urban art and design.


Visitors need to make a booking/purchase tickets via the museum’s official WeChat account and show the QR code on entry.

Entrance Fees are exhibition dependant. 

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