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EF English First offers a full range of English language courses to meet the specific learning needs and habits of students of different age groups. For each of the courses we offer, our teaching pedagogy is based on the following three components:

Exceptional English teachers

Teachers are at the heart of our English language courses. This is why, as one of the largest recruiters of international English language teachers, we strive to attract the very best available. Because our English language courses are purposely designed to help students gain both the fundamental skills of the English language and the confidence to use it, we always look for teachers who can not only teach the language but can also inspire and motivate.

Online courses

Learning is not only fast at EF, but it is also fun. Our face-to-face course sessions are supported by online tutorials. Teachers can use the fun, interactive multimedia experience in the classroom to emphasise daily lessons and reinforce vocabulary.

This online course session allows our students to practice and focus on their individual needs. No other language school offers such a modern learning experience. We teach students how to become a natural, confident and fluent English speaker.

Life Club: Real life language

It's true that the most effortless learning happens while you are having fun. That is why our English language courses are not physically bounded by walls and doors; we formed Life Clubs™ which is aimed at putting students' English knowledge into action.

Organisedeach week and led by our native speaking teachers, Life Club™ activities range from “EF Idol” contests to holiday parties, yoga classes to debates. As it is all in English, all the time, Life Club™ provides our students regular opportunities outside the classroom to use their English in a relaxed and social environment.

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