EF English First Affiliate program

Make some extra cash while teaching by becoming an EF Affiliate. Simply generate your unique affiliate link at www.englishfirst.com/affiliate

What is the affiliate program and how does it work?

An affiliate program is a way to make some extra money while you are still working at EF. You will be able to generate a unique code; which you can then post almost anywhere you would like. If you can generate interest people will click that link to find out more about teaching with us. If they then apply and arrive in China, we will pay you a reward for helping us get a new teachers.

Simply share your unique affiliate link online and we will track any applications you get through to arrival. Once they arrive, we will pay you 3000 RMB (minus government taxes) in your salary.

Read our handy guide to give you loads of ideas on how to get started.

Terms and conditions – Please read carefully before starting out!

  1. This program is only for international teachers. To refer an International teacher, the candidate must have a bachelor’s degree, teaching experience, a clear criminal background check and a passport from: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the United States of America or the United Kingdom.
  2. Once a candidate arrives in China, we will pay you 3000RMB minus any government taxes in your next pay packet if the candidate arrived before 20th of the month, otherwise it will be in the following month.
  3. You must still be a staff member in EF China when the candidate arrives in order for us to pay the affiliate bonus.
  4. The individual must not have applied to EF Teacher recruitment before. The recruitment team will be able to track that information in their recruitment system.
  5. Only one bonus will be awarded per arrival. The payment cannot be split among multiple persons.
  6. In the event that multiple staff members refer the same candidate, the first submitted through their affiliate link will be used.
  7. To be valid, all referrals must be entered through your unique affiliate code URL prior to the candidate interviewing with EF.
  8. The person who is the affiliate will not be eligible for the bonus if they will directly manage or will be directly involved in the hiring process for the candidate.
  9. You will only be paid for arrivals working within China owned schools (at a rate of 3000 RMB, which is taxable) or China Franchise schools (at a rate of 1,500 RMB, which is taxable) as an International teacher.
  10. The affiliate program is only open to staff on the China own payroll system.
  11. When you post your unique affiliate link make sure to include #EFComeToChina on whichever Social Media Site you use.