5 Resume Tips to Get Your Dream Teaching Job in China

There is a huge demand for learning English in China. Education is becoming more competitive and more parents are sending their children to language centers and additional classes to improve their performance and prospects. This, in result, means that there is an increase in opportunities for foreign teachers, particularly those who are native English speakers. The TEFL market in China has skyrocketed over the years and some studies have claimed that China has the largest demand for learning English, especially when compared to other Asian countries. It is estimated that there are more than 100,000 English teachers required in China, and schools have begun to offer more attractive contracts than rivals to acquire their services.

Sure, it may mean that you don’t need to look far to find a teaching job in China, but how many other people are doing the same? How can you stand out from the crowd? The job may be different from your ‘everyday’ job at home, but you still need to impress your prospective employers.

Here are 5 resume tips to help you get your dream teaching job in China:



Arguably the most important thing on your resume. It’s easy to put on your resume that you can do something, or want to do something; but can you prove it? You don’t necessarily need to have extensive previous teaching experience, but have you got experience working with kids? Have you got experience in making decisions, problem solving, thinking on the spot?

Do you have necessary experience to get a teaching job in China


In order to be able to obtain a legal Working Visa, you must have a bachelor’s degree minimum. The subject is irrelevant, so don’t worry if it is not related to English or Education. A TEFL Certificate (or equivalent) is also highly sought after and essential for prospective English Teachers. Don’t have a TEFL yet? Don’t worry; if you apply for a teaching position with EF English First and pass your interview, then we will sponsor your online TEFL course through one of our globally recognized partners.



Whilst qualifications are important, it is just as important to have skills and experience in utilizing them. Put your best experiences near the top; this is what the hiring manager will see first and will determine just how much he/she will keep on reading. If you have achieved something that you’re proud of, show it! Show them what you are good at, you are allowed to be confident! Some people list their weaknesses, but this is a very risky tactic – it may show that you have high self-awareness and highlight where you need to improve, but it may put off employers if they see a weakness that they feel will hinder your performance in the workplace.


This may sound stupid, but if your resume and cover letter is littered with errors, it won’t give employers the best impression – especially because you’re applying for an English Teaching role! Don’t rush it, keep it simple and clear, and don’t be afraid to let someone else read it first. Also, it is not important whether you write American or British English, just be consistent!



You don’t need to write absolutely everything about your life on your resume. Think of it as a document that sells you as the best person for the job. Highlight the achievements and skills that are relevant to the teaching job that you are applying for, think of it as tailoring your resume.

Writing resume to get a teaching job in China


These are just a few tips for you to think about when compiling your resume and cover letter. There are also other things that you need to consider such as formatting; make sure it is clearly laid out and that you are not using inappropriate fonts that make it difficult to read. Keep it simple! If it is easier to read, there is more chance of employers reading more of it.

You can always look at example resumes and even ask for advice from those who have applied for teaching jobs previously. However, do not copy them, you are not the same person! Don’t be afraid, apply for that dream teaching job – if you don’t apply, there is a 0% chance of you getting it!


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Post by George Collard

George has always been passionate about travel and learning languages. George is also particularly interested in Psychology and Sociology. He has explored many places and has also spent time studying in South Korea. He thoroughly enjoys his teaching life in China, and is now focusing on improving his Chinese skills and finding the best coffee in Shanghai. George also writes a personal blog where he shares his travel and life in China experiences.