10 things that makes EF the top place to work

Ready to explore the world? Looking for a place with great development opportunities? Want to make an impact?
Here are 10 things that makes EF the top place to work.

1. People, From EF staff to EF customers and our global community, driving human connections is our reason for being. Everything we do helps people build bridges across borders and cultures. And the impact starts with EF employees.

2. Mission. Our mission is opening the world through education and it fuels the EF goals of building real-world skills, unity and mutual understanding by bringing people together across borders and cultures.

3. Core values. Entrepreneurial spirit, quality, passion, nothing is impossible, attention to detail, innovation, cost-conscious: these are EF's core values and they've helped as stay small even as we've grown.

4. A commitment to local and global communities. Day-to-day work at EF is inherently community-focused but we dedicate time and resources to causes and organizations we believe in — whether it's in one of over 200 countries EF has a presence in or a global initiative we collectively feel will have impact.

5. Staff development opportunities. Everything we hope to support our customers in developing — real-world skills, in-creased confidence, knowing more about the world and our place in it — mirrors the professional development opportunities available to staff.

6. Benefits and perks. As EF team members we have the same opportunities as the customers we serve: to explore the world and come together with people from diverse backgrounds.

7. History EF started in 1965 after our founder, BertilHult, had a challenging time learning Eng-lish in school. A few years later, in his university dormitory in Lund, Sweden, Barth founded EF.

8. Entrepreneurial spirit Team members are encouraged to come up with big ideas, lobby for support across the organization and then receive funding to bring the idea to life. Some of the most meaningful initiatives at EF, were started by a single person.

9. A love of all things playful. EFers love Halloween (REALLY love it). A slew of clubs also dial up the playful factor including a sailing club and a running club.

10. Quirks. A clean-desk policy. A tendency to fly halfway around the world to meet in person rather than having a call. A love for FIKA EF is definitely quirky, but we like it that way!


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