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Teaching Jobs in Indonesia

Teaching Jobs in Indonesia

Teaching jobs that offer an excellent package

EF English First teachers enjoy an excellent package that will afford you a great lifestyle. Compared to other ESL teaching jobs in Indonesia you will find that EF provides their teachers a highly competitive remuneration package.

EF's teaching jobs in Indonesia offer a monthly salary paid in local currency and equivalent to that of a local, well paid Indonesian manager. When you teach with EF, you can afford a lifestyle you never thought possible: get a housekeeper, have massages and enjoy restaurant meals on a regular basis.

Employment package for our teaching jobs includes:

Round-trip flights

Schools offer flight reimbursement to the teachers home country on completion of your contract. In addition, for each year you continue your teaching job in Indonesia with EF, you will be provided an annual flight reimbursement to your home country.

Accommodation for teaching staffs

Your teaching jobs in Indonesia with EF will allow you to enjoy living in a fully-furnished house, typically shared with 2-4 other teachers. In some cases, you will have a housing allowance. Utility bills and taxes are often included when accommodation is provided.

Teaching visas

EF offers legal teaching jobs in Indonesia. We will sponsor your official work visa and legal working papers as well as all relevant ID cards as required by the Indonesian government.

Health insurance

All EF teachers in Indonesia will be provided with nationally-sponsored health insurance.

Teaching hours

Your hours of work are predominantly in the afternoon and evening. Depending on school size and location, the working week may also vary. Each teacher is employed on a 40-hour working week, which includes 24 contact hours.

Academic and teaching support

EF has a full-time academic development division which is dedicated to providing teachers with the best tool box of teaching materials possible. This means as an EF teacher, you will have all the tools you need to do your jobs better, including teaching training workshops and on-line academic seminars.


Teachers get an average of ten paid working days in addition to the public holidays in Indonesia. The centers will be closed for a week during the major Muslim holiday, Eid Fitri and another week for Christmas and New Year.