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English Language Teaching

English Language Teaching

A year-out teaching the English language

The experience of English language teaching abroad can add significant value to your profile which speaks to your character. Taking a year out to fulfill a personal ambition like language teaching abroad shows the dedication and genuine initiative of a person.

So if you are worried about the implications of spending a year 'away' teaching English language, don't be. Working as a language teacher at EF will expand your horizons and make you a more interesting candidate for graduate school or other professions.

Long-term career as an English language teacher

If you decide to continue, EF has comprehensive training and development programs that will help you realize your potential as an English language teaching professional. English language teaching is a relatively new industry, and it is closely linked with a number of related industries, which means there is no one career path to follow. Those who would like to continue to grow as an educator can explore possibilities such as regional/national academic management, academic content development and teacher training.

Whatever your interest, taking time to teach English abroad with EF English First can help develop you as a teacher, and as a person.