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English Language Teaching in Russia

English Language Teaching in Russia

New experience of English language teaching

English language teaching in Russia is a new kind of experience. Forget the images of a Soviet past; today's Russia is alive with dazzling contemporary culture and democratic change. Dior and Armani have replaced images of Marx and Lenin as the country fuses communist austerity with capitalist indulgence. Russia is experiencing a rebirth; by teaching English language with EF, you can be there to experience it up close.

Renew your spirit while teaching in Russia

English language teaching in Russia will offer you an excellent opportunity to experience an exciting country in transition. The largest country on earth, Russia has recently flung open its doors to the world and become a formidable force of modern day art and culture. When teaching English language, you will find a renewed spirit for the historic past and growing enthusiasm for tomorrow's potential.

Help us bring English language to this shifting country

As Russia continues to delight and surprise in its transformation, EF English First is part of this change. With over 35 English language schools across the country and new schools opening all the time, EF is experiencing rapid expansion in this region. By teaching with EF, you will be part of this development. English language teaching in Russia is your ticket to see this incredible country first-hand.