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Cost of Living in Indonesia

Cost of Living in Indonesia

Reasonable cost of living

As an EF teacher in Indonesia, you will be surprised at how far your money can go! The cost of living in Indonesia is very reasonable, especially if you are interested in experiencing the culture as a true insider.

Many EF teachers in Indonesia enjoy the option of sharing a house or apartment with other EF teachers to split the cost. If you eat local food from local restaurants or food stalls and shop in local markets, you can cut even more cost and end up with a fatter wallet.

Lower living cost, higher quality of life

You will find that the combination of your competitive salary with EF and the relatively low cost of living in Indonesia will give you purchasing power much greater than in your own country. EF teachers make a great living by local standards and they often tell us that their salary offers them a great quality of life. With your salary you can afford a lifestyle that you did not think possible back home: eat-out and take taxis, go to the spa, fly to Bali for the weekend.

Approximate prices and costs

Here is just a sample of what your cost of living in Indonesia could be: