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With a network of over 500 schools, EF English First offer TEFL jobs for qualified teachers year round. As one of the biggest recruiters in ESL, you will be able to find TEFL jobs in China, Russia and Indonesia. We provide TEFL jobs with excellent employment packages to over 1,000 teachers every year!
If you are an experienced TEFL teacher, EF also provides academic management positions. Apply to become a director of studies, and you’ll have the chance to manage an international team and launch your management career. Teaching English as a foreign language provides you with a world of opportunities. All you need to do is decide where you would like to teach and apply.

TEFL Jobs Locations

EF has schools in most major cities in China, Indonesia and Russia which leaves teachers with more options to choose from as to decide where they want to go. Before accepting a TEFL job abroad offer, EF strongly recommends researching the destination. Towns or cities described as being ‘of little interest to tourists’ are often vibrant economic centers where teachers will experience the real culture. This research will also help the teachers to be mentally prepared to live and teach TEFL overseas.


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TEFL jobs aren’t just ordinary jobs. They are an opportunity to enjoy a career where you can teach, travel and train almost anywhere in the world. Who better to start your new career with than the EF English First, one of the world leaders in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. With EF, not only will we help you get your TEFL certificate if you don’t already have it, we will also help you to gain other teaching qualifications to help boost your career and develop professionally. We’ll help provide you with a legal working visa, arrival support, and our large network of teachers will also help you settle into your new country.

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