Teaching English Overseas

Teach English overseas with EF English First and start your new adventure. Our teaching jobs abroad will provide you with everything you need to start life in a new country. We’ll give you full support from application to arrival, and help you secure your legal work visa. Living and teaching overseas is a great way to meet new people from around the world. You’ll have the chance to experience new cultures, travel and maybe even pick up a new language. EF English First has teaching positions in China, Russia and Indonesia. All you have to do is learn more about the country you’d like to teach in and apply. We’ll help you with the rest.

Teach English overseas and get the new start you're looking for

EF English First has been opening the world through education for over 50 years. We have over 400 schools serving more than 200,000 students from around the world. When you join EF, you will be joining a large network of teachers who love to teach, travel and try new things. Our teachers really make our schools an enjoyable place to work. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to teaching or a veteran, you will get all the help you need to become a great teacher.
Many of our teachers join EF for a variety of reasons. Some are looking to start their career or take a break from their career. Others are looking for a fun year abroad. It doesn’t matter what your ambitions are; you’ll have the opportunity to find the right path for you at EF. Your options at EF can include senior teaching positions or academic management jobs. You could join us in recruitment or marketing. If you’re interested in creating new classes, then you could also join the product development team. Outside of EF, you’ll also find a new world of opportunities. Many of our teachers go on to land their dream jobs or join graduate schools. While others take time out to travel across Asia or continue teaching. All this is possible after a year teaching at EF.


Legal Working Visa Provided
Arrival Support and Orientation
Choose where you teach
Promotion Opportunities



Starting a new career abroad can be a stressful experience. EF English First helps to alleviate this stress by offering you arrival support. We’ll give you a checklist with all the information you need to secure your legal working visa. We will also help you to get everything in on time so that you can make the move as easy possible. Before you arrive and start teaching abroad, why not visit www.ef-teachers.com! There, you’ll find a network of teachers preparing for their big move abroad just like you.

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