Teacher Qualifications at EF English First

What makes EF English First different to other English language companies is our commitment to teacher support and education. We understand that for many of our teachers, gaining qualifications and developing a sound knowledge in teaching is an important part of the job. That’s why EF offers a wide variety of sponsored courses and qualifications. EF provides access to qualifications on everything from the foundations of teaching, such as the 120-hour TEFL certificate, up to more advanced courses such as DipTesol and IDLTM. These courses are open to EF’s teachers as part of our ongoing commitment to fostering teaching talent. Teacher qualifications at EF are recognised by employers from all around the world and will help you get a head start in your career.

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Start Teacher Qualifications with a 120-Hour TEFL

During this course, you will watch videos of teachers teaching classes in a variety of contexts. You will view interactive presentations, listen to podcasts, read articles and take interactive quizzes to help build your knowledge. At the end of the course, you will be required to complete a lesson planning assignment applying everything you have learnt to showcase your understanding of the principles of teaching. The 120-Hour TEFL also involves a practical teaching element where you will observe others and be observed as part of the course. This course is a perfect introduction to teaching English as a foreign language and will help you to get the most out of your classes.

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